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Yesteryears saw a highly classified era where only celebrities and models got a taste of the sweet success in the business of advertising. Endorsers, as they are called, are utilized as ethical promotional marketers of products and services. While giving a face to a product and service through these personalities maintains to be one of the highest (and most expensive) forms of advertising, the with-IT culture created by social media gave birth to a new breed of endorsers in the form of brand ambassadors. A brand ambassador is described as an advertising model that leverages the authority and credibility of online personalities to create a powerful direct marketing strategy. 
The Style Amabssadors of What A Girl Wants
This formula is now being adopted by companies to build a closer relationship with their consumers and customers. After all, a brand ambassador has to be, first and foremost, a true passionate consumer who agrees to sponsor the product or service he or she believes in. In the eyes of the general public, a brand ambassador, is a person who embodies the values of each brand he or she speaks for.
WAGW Style Ambassador Maria Louise "Milen" Aquino

This new wave of endorsement paved way for the celebritweets and bloggers who showcase and promote the latest from each brand. They utilize communication approaches across the web and social media that are more in tune to how one would normally give advice to friends. The voice and style is more personal and direct, which proves to be a more effective vehicle for marketing communication than that of the most expensive advertising campaign. This, to a certain extent, help build a stronger relationship between the audience and the brand.
WAGW Style Ambassador Lorenzo Rabat
Taking this to the POV of fashion, a consumer’s first moment of truth with a new product comes right before a new dress hits the racks. In this generation, an outfit post, scrapbook assembled photos on Intagram, and plugs on Twitter have raised the bars in product endorsements, making it THE customer’s first moment of truth.
So, what does it take to be a brand ambassador?
WAGW Style Ambassador Chelsea Marie "Ccia" Ang
The role of the brand ambassador is to transcend all aspects of the brand. In a sense, the brand personality and the endorser must hold the same morals and principles, style and appeal. They can be a respected followed authority, a blogger or small publisher targeting a specific niche. Just as the brand endorser embodies the product’s values, the product must also reflect elements of the brand ambassador’s personality.
Last Saturday, December 8, the What A Girl Wants clothing brand revealed the Young Ambassadors of Style campaign during the official opening of their newly renovated flagship store in Davao. Its “Young Ambassadors of Style” project is an annual selection of the city’s fresh new faces and stunning style setters, individuals who epitomize the brand’s image of style, substance and youthful exuberance. Featured in the campaign’s debut are Davao’s eco-advocate Lorenzo Rabat and fashionable doctors in the making, Milen Aquino and Ccia Ang.
WAGW's owners - creative director Kryz Uy, marketing director Jacklyn Uy and their Young Ambassadors of Style Davao Ccia Ang and Milen Aquino
WAGW Founder and CEO Diane Uy enthuses “It has always been a dream for us to open here since Davao is known as a home to some of the most elegant, stylish, and fashion forward people in the country.  This dream was realized when we opened our doors to the Davaoeños last year in May right here in the heart of Davao. We have been very grateful and blessed to have received such a warm welcome since then.” Marketing Director Jacklyn Uy continues, “To mark what has been over a year in the Land of Promise and to unveil the much awaited Holiday Collection, WAGW launched the first annual search for the Young Ambassadors of Style Davao, which celebrates and recognizes some of Davao’s most stylish and promising young personalities who epitomize the WAGW’s image of style, substance and youthful exuberance.”
Bigseed PR & Events' Vanessa Deen Araneta and Jaja Chiongbian Rama
Marianne Louise Aquino, or Milen, is a 20 year-old BS Biology major who just recently graduated from De La Salle University. She aspires to become a successful doctor someday. Milen is a classic beauty which translates to her style – simple yet sophisticated. It’s no surprise that her style icon is Audrey Hepburn, whose delicate features are much like Milen’s. During her down time, she likes to do pilates, travel, dance and read.
Jessica Pineda, Trixie Pineda, Cheska Garcia and Milen Aquino
Chelsea Marie Ang, or Ccia as her friends and family call her, is a 20 year-old Dentistry student of the Davao Medical School Foundation.  She dreams of putting up her own orthodontic practice as soon as she finishes medical school. Ccia’s style is simple and elegant, and, like Milen, her style icon is Audrey Hepburn. When she isn’t too busy with school, Ccia enjoys spending time in the kitchen, cooking and baking sweet delicacies.
Leandro Jaldon, Joliz Parco, Carlo Pacana, Lorenzo Rabat, Mikko Buendia, Mico Ching, Dianne Ko and AC Sian
Lorenzo Leon Rabat, or Enzo for short, is a 21 year-old Civil Engineering Student at the De La Salle University. He dreams of making the world a better place by promoting sustainable development. He wants to focus on eco-friendly contruction methods and technology to help preserve the earth’s natural resources and fight global warming. A sporty adventure seeker, he enjoys playing basketball, working out, and going to the beach and mountains. Enzo’s personal style reflects his easygoing nature. His staples include shorts and sunglasses, both essentials in the outdoor world he enjoys so much.
WAGW's Creative Director Kryz Uy, Young Ambassadors of Style Davao Ccia Ang, Lorenzo Rabat, Milen Aquino and WAGW Marketing Director Jacklyn Uy
 WAGWs Young Style Ambassadors of Davao were featured wearing the brand’s holiday collection. Inspired by oriental high-build embroideries, opulent fabric and immensely decorative details, a collection of ornate grunge is born. According to WAGW’s Creative Director Kryz Uy, “This collection brings about feelings of luxury and elegance juxtaposed with rawness and distressed modernity, making use of stunning brocades against laser cut leather, metallic spikes on elegant satin, heavy embellishments on figure skating spandex, giving the wearer a sense of refinement, excessiveness and class with today’s edge and sense of self-power.”
Benedict Ang, Rhee Demafeliz, Nikka Go, Milen Aquino and Miggy Aquino
 The ladies behind What A Girl Wants, the Uy sisters- Jacklyn, Kryz and founder Diane Uy-Ang - continue to stand behind their vision to satisfy the shopping needs of vibrant, edgy, street chic girls and boys by providing them with a wide selection of clothes, bags, footwear and accessories to further enhance their personal style. New collections hit their racks every Friday, all of which are in line with the current fashion trends. From what started as a corner stall in Cebu in 2004, What A Girl Wants will have a total of 10 boutiques in key cities all over the Philippines.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1 and A4, INdulge section, Edge Davao newspaper, Vol. 5 Issue 202, 12 December 2012.



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