Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I’m the type who hardly talks about food. This so-called disassociation is what I call “tiis ganda” --- nonchalantly trying to ignore the chocolate coated romance for the sake of vanity and fashion. Try, being the operative word, I seldom fail to stick to my low-carb diet, especially when faced with tempting desserts from Lachi’s.
The quaint little patisserie cum restaurant has successfully grown its following over the years, thanks to the originality and creativity of the twin brothers Mel and Mike Aviles. The bubbly duo are the only appointed bakers in this family owned (and run) business, offering sweet temptations and saccharine delights to discerning palates in Davao City.
I have seen the humble beginnings of this restaurant since I moved to Davao in 2005. Even back then, it was already difficult to book a table at the 10-seater bakeshop. It used to be known for their desserts and cakes alone. Their signature sans rival, mudpie, choco pie, carrot cake, and innovative adaptations of cheesecake recipes bring love and bliss with every bite. Soon, they added their family’s most cherished recipes to the menu. It didn’t take long before their family tradition became part of every family’s dining traditions.  
Now, with the growing demand for more space and tables, Lachi’s expanded their restaurant to accommodate 30 seats. Mind you, Lachi’s is still packed for several waves during lunch and dinner, despite the increase in seating capacity. To this day, I still order my favorite Oriental Fried Chicken while my friends and colleagues keep going back for more of their favorite, the Unforgettable Spareribs. Just recently, they’ve added a couple more dishes and pastries to their menu.  I’ve just included their Asian Spicy Chicken in the list of dining must-try’s, as well as the Crème Brulee cake and French macarons.

Sharing kitchen duties, Mel and Mike are genius when it comes to perfecting creative confections. Each has their own 4-hour shift in the kitchen, even on Saturdays. Chancing on them together in one lunch eatcapade and on several parties where they catered for dessert buffet, I realized that these great minds not only look alike, but also share the same passion for happiness and eating.
“Happiness is the main ingredient in making desserts. Think happy thoughts all the time. If you’re angry, don’t bake. Make breads instead,” Mike explains. In effect, no one has ever left Lachi’s with an unhappy tummy and we always go back for more “happy thoughts” served on plates.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1 and A4, INdulge section, Edge Davao, Vol. 5 Issue 177, 07 November 2012.



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