Tuesday, October 16, 2012


(photos by Lean Daval)

In my cosmopolitan kind of jungle, I’d say everyone has an animal instinct when it comes to fashion. By that I refer to a person’s fierce approach to individuality and style authority amidst various clothing options. A person with eagle eyes can easily single out which shoes would match a certain look or add character to it. Life in four inch heels can command a lot of attention and elevate you inches closer to heaven, but staying “grounded” (meaning walking on flats) always feels like enjoying heaven on earth.

If there’s comfort food, there’s probably something we can call comfort footwear. For instance, comfortable ballet flats add class and sophistication to your feet while sandals give you that sexy and casual feel whether in the sunny tropic or air conditioned malls.

Another fun alternative to sandals are flip flops which has gained much respect and following in this modern time. “Flip flops” is the better version / term of the slippers of the old days. These funky and colorful accessories for the feet have made a mark in the history of fashion. With the colorful variations, chic embellishments, and prints, the society has welcomed the marriage of elegance and flip flops --- Casual elegance, so to speak. One of the many brands of flip flops that have become a status quo on its own is Ipanema.

Exuding the festive and exotic vibe of the beaches of Brazil, Ipanema has long since created a name synonymous to creativity and fun. They never go amiss with their collections of bright hues, bold prints, and vibrant patterns.

Strengthening its positioning as a daring and dynamic brand, the Ipanema’s tree of style sensibilities branched out to Davao City with its Urban Jungle Fashion Show last October 12.

Reflecting its fierce and brave approach to styling, the fashion show proved to be unique on its own with a dance repertoire depicting some exotic creatures. 

In a way, the experience was similar to watching “Lion King” on stage. 

The dance-heavy fashion show displayed the latest collection of “animated” pieces, which are designed to encompass diverse tastes and personalities of every fashion animal.

Ipanema flip flops’ strong and durable form was able to sustain with the dancers’ movements throughout the show. The production design and balletic approach was a colorful feast for the senses. The formula, choreography, and direction were very original. 

And I guess that is a testament to Ipanema’s brand and character: It always bring something new and original to the community.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1, INdulge section, Edge Davao, Vol. 5 Issue 162, 17 October 2012.


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