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A wedding ceremony is the most romantic occasion in every couple's life. Nowadays, a sunset wedding at the beach scores highest on the romantic index and has become the ideal choice for most couples. The sunset reflects serenity, splendor, beauty and romance. It gives, by nature, a stunning scene for the wedding and, to a certain extent, eases the fuss and need for elaborate decors.
For the beach wedding of my friend, Junji Arias, and his French bride, Anais Thoret, the setup and ambiance were right on target and purpose. Nothing beats Boracay when it comes to venue and scenery. But what made it fun and unforgettable were, simply put, music and a good mix of friends and relatives. On this note, I’d say there were several comic reliefs that added life to the ceremony and induced more giggles and smiles than tears. The title, for example, would probably conjure chuckles from the wedding guests and friends who’ll see it by first glance. To put it innocently (for the other readers’sake), let’s just relate it to the fishes in the beach where the wedding took place.  

Music artist / composer Junji, whose family tree extends to the Pamintuan family of Davao City, had quite a number of celebrity friends present in his wedding. In a nutshell, it was a gathering of people from the music and showbiz industry who witnessed the love affair of Junji and Anais right from day one.

Drawing up a crowd near the altar was no less than Piolo Pascual himself. We even joked him to stand by one corner so the crowd would follow him, thus giving the photographers the opportunity to take photos of the newlywed couple. The vista view of the sky touching the endless expanse of the blue water produced a wonderful scenery just when the Pastor gave away the much awaited line, “You may now kiss the bride”. The rich colors of the sky and sea served as a picturesque background for that snapshot.
The reception turned into a showdown of voice talents and brave hearts. Best man Norby David (from Rivermaya) played popular tunes which got everybody singing and jammin’, including tone deaf moi. It was, however, Rachel Alejandro’s powerful vocals that got my boyfriend to back out from his attempt to take center stage to sing a couple of songs. 
"When it rains, it pours.” Despite the bipolar weather, nothing could rain on this parade. Friends and family partied all night long, even extending past midnight, making it one of the most “epic” wedding parties on record.
Additional photos courtesy of Jodje Ledesma, Vincent Garrucho, and Marijac Pamintuan.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1 and A4, INdulge section, Edge Davao, Vol. 5 Issue 182, 14 November 2012.


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