Wednesday, October 10, 2012


In a sea of a billion socialites, these fantabulous females stand out with their wit, arresting charisma, and style acumen.

Seeing them together is like seeing happiness in a bowl of ice cream. They are a refreshing mix of flavors that blend harmoniously with each other, like a match made in heaven.

Each has her own fashion fixation and takes after her own style icon. In this cast of self-proclaimed shopaholics, they have a bag hag, an accessories queen, a shoe gal, a Carrie Bradshaw, and the Serena and Blair.

They are the usual faces seen in various events and society pages. They are this generation’s superheroes --- power moms, to be exact. Well, maybe not all of them. One or two has yet to feel the itch from the wedding bug, and we’re hoping it’ll come soon.

One Sunday afternoon, the fab pack gathered at the Lobby Lounge of Marco Polo Davao to give a proper welcome to the second child of the “Charlotte York” in the group --- my fellow columnist, Nikki Gotianse-Tan.

So, what’s kickin’? “It’s another boy!” Nikki beamed.

The good news ensued a fit of giggles from the girls, without breaking their poise. They each gushed in beautiful recall of Nikki’s pre-Missus days with her beau, Philip. Over glasses of creamy gelato, they shared scoops of happy memories, and, in soft spoken perkiness, they chirped in praises of Nikki’s pleasing personality and friendly appeal.

Prim and proper… No wonder her friends refer to her as the Charlotte York in the group. Even when she’s just a month away to reaching full bloom, Nikki is still able to carry trendy dresses with so much ease, marrying pregnancy with classic elegance. She is Grace and Kelly (Misa), rolled into one. She is effortlessly classy, even without pearls.

Beyond the by-lines, Nikki is a friend anyone can easily count on. She’s the kind who greets people with a genuine and welcoming smile. Just like a sister, she listens without judgements, and enthuses love with every well-thought advice.

Friends agree that it is Nikki’s charms and lovable qualities that won her husband over. They quipped, “He was smitten, right at the moment he first met her.”

As a wife and mother, friends say Nikki is very warm, loving, giving, and protective. She is handling family businesses from left and right, and yet she makes it a point to balance work with family life. If not, she gives more attention and time to her bundles of joy. She dotes on her first born, Duncan, who, apparently, has this unfathomable liking for doughnuts from Dunkin’. She spoils him to his heart’s content, but gives him enough space to make and learn from his little mistakes.

Talking babies again, friends pointed out that if Nikki were to have a little girl in the future, they’d wish for her to name it either Audrey or Charlotte. “Both are sophisticated names which also suits the character of Nikki. I’m sure her daughter would take after mommy’s fashion sense,” says one.

Another friend concluded, “If I were to put it in the context of desserts, I’d say Nikki’s the strawberry flavored gelato. The pink color is so her. It’s pretty to look at and the color never goes out of style. Among the many flavors we see out there, strawberry will always be everyone’s favorite. And that’s how easily lovable and likeable Nikki is to whoever she comes across with.”
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1, INdulge section, Edge Davao, Vol. 5 Issue 157, 10 October 2012.


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