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A bag not only adds finishing touches to your look, but it also holds a huge chunk of our lives. Going though a bag of working moms like me, you’d see evidences of our multi-facet and busy life. My wallet, pen, keys, phone, and planner go hand in hand in keeping me up with my day to day agenda. A lone lipstick never goes lonely in the makeup purse we keep in the bag, as women usually carry more than just a few palettes of eye makeup, blush, and lipstick. Beyond face value, I also keep a bottle of perfume or cologne, a comb and a brush, hair iron, handkerchief, a headset, and phone charger. A mother hen never falls short in bringing band aids, all-cure balm, anti-mosquito repellent stickers, hand sanitizer, and a pack of sweets all ready for her little tot. Just like any other girl scout, women come prepared for any kind of occasion, meeting, or emergencies that may surprise us within the day.

Nowadays, the bag industry is flourishing and becoming more dynamic, as the demand for unique stylized bags increases.

Fascinating texture, color, material, and patina are just few aspects that determine the quality of bags. One can pick from the distinguished patterns and size of bags, depending on the requirement and function. There is a wide variety of bags to choose from, and we hear men complaining about women spending too much time (and money) in selecting the perfect bag. Beyond labels, men have yet to know more about the functions of each type of bag and what goes best with it. Boyfriends get lost in a bag-cabulary of this fashion fixation, with a cloud of names categorized as shoulder bag, clutch, handheld bag, tote, messenger bag, backpack, envelope bag, wristlet, evening bag, hobo, and so on. 

While every accessory should compliment our getup, being familiar with the kinds of bags will help in the selection process. One of the considerations to keep in mind, aside from the purpose and function, is your body type. Just like any dress, not all bags are made for every woman. A bag can either make or break your outfit. It’s best to choose the ones that will accentuate your best areas and hide the awkward looking ones.

Women who are top and shoulder heavy are better off using satchels or bags with long handles, as these will drive away attention from your chest and shoulders. If the intention is the opposite, short handled bags or clutches would be the perfect choice.

Big totes, funky details, and bags of average strap length are for those gifted with a slim waist. Bags that are levelled off to the midriff or hips are definitely a no-no to females with wide hips and waist, as they will attract attention to the unsightly features you’d wish to hide.

Looking a bit taller is easy with long and lanky bags that go with your color motif. Oversized totes can make a woman look shorter, while clutches or tiny bags can make one look bigger. Plus size women should keep away from tiny patterns.

When you shop for handbags, try them on and carry them like you would normally while you check the look from all angles in front of the mirror.

If you wish to splurge on an expensive bag, make sure you’ll choose the kind that’s durable, something that you will be able to wear for any event. Spending hundreds of thousands of Pesos is no sin if you can afford it, just as long as you’d still be able to put food on the table after the shopping spree. If you’re going for inexpensive ones, go for the classic everyday bag in either black or brown. For affordable funky styles, I suggest a trip to Parfois.

Perfect for working moms.

Parfois is a women's fashion accessories brand with over 300 stores in 38 countries. Keeping up with the news, their design teams in Porto and Barcelona has just launched their new Fall Winter collection, inspired by three major trends: the Victorian, the Wild West, and the Army look.

While the brand also sells shoes, accessories, sun glasses, watches, and scarves, I pay more attention to their bag collection as they have the most intricate designs and style, even for the classic and multifunctional ones. Parfois has long been creating beautifully structured, wearable, and affordable bags. Every bag in their collection is both chic and stylish, highlighting functionality as a key element in accentuating a woman’s wardrobe. 

Multi-functional bags. I like!

In my recent trip to their shop, I chose a gray speedy bag with a red colored handle. My love for everything Parisienne is evident in this choice as the bag came with puppy detail tied on a tag. It has interchangeable short and long straps, adding versatility to the bag which can be worn across the body or on the shoulder, or simply just hand held. There is enough space inside for all my beauty and office essentials. It can also pass off as an office bag, when I pull out the dog detail from the tag. For weekends with my mall-rat of a daughter, I keep the dog detail on tote to give my getup a younger feel.

Puppy on tote. My newest speedy from Parfois.

For more selections on bags, visit the Parfois store in SM City Davao and Abreeza-Ayala Mall.  You can also check new items on their website via http://www.parfois.com/index.php?id=101.  They are soon to open more shops in different malls around the country, with bigger space for bag display, promising excess bag-gage for every bag hag.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1, INdulge section, Edge Davao, Vol. 5 Issue 147, 26 September 2012.


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