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We hear her on radio. She is the voice that who kept us company while driving on the way to work. She is also the voice behind countless radio commercials, promos, narrations, corporate presentations, web audio and political sound clips. Her voice even sometimes looms through speakers inside the malls, talking of trends, hot deals and must-see shows in town. We’ve seen her onstage hosting mall events and corporate gatherings. Eloquent and chic, she keeps her audience entertained with her wit and humor as she talks to guests in front. One day you see her talking business, history and statistics, while on other days she pokes fun with wacky poses alongside equally charming and comical music artists. She even dared a selfie onstage with the country’s most followed and sought-after celebrity stylist. Clearly, there is no dead air when Joey takes the mic. She not only commands attention, but also stirs up laughter and enthusiasm in any scene.

Selfie with celebrity stylist, Liz Uy.
Joan Marie “Joey” Sy Domingo made her mark in events and broadcasting through her 13 years with the Davao-born radio station 105.9 MIXFM. Since then, Joey has become a household name and usually the first choice when it comes to voice talents and event hosting. Married in 2007 to Chris Domingo, Joey is blessed with an equally articulate and smart daughter, Jia Beatrice.

Jia Beatrice --- Joey's unica hija.
This fun, quirky, multi-hyphenate and talented woman is one I consider as the jack of all trades. Just when you thought voice is her only talent, she turned everyone egg-static when she launched her own twist of the famous Brazo de Mercedes. Flazo, as she calls it, has become a popular dessert and gift-du-jour in less than 6 months.

Flazos from the Flazo queen
Sound and Flazo bites aside, Joey maintains that it is her love for life, family, creativity and play that saw her throughout her 14 years as a voice talent and radio personality. 

Get up and Go

“My penultimate dream before was to be a news anchor and to be seen on TV. However, during that time, I was too young and had no way of getting myself into the business. So, I followed my father’s request and took up architecture instead. My reverie remained a dream for a couple more years. In 2001, I learned that MIXFM needed a newscaster. A day after I submitted a demo, I got a call and was asked to come back for an interview. The manager back then, Mr. Nigel Gamalong, christened me with the name “JOEY” and trained me for a year. When Mr. Bong Aportadera assumed the position of Station Manager, he gave me a slot in his morning show and worked as his newsie and eventually made me his sidekick in the Get up and Go morning Show which launched the Get up and Go with hometown heroes Sonny and Joey. The show lasted for 8 years and received numerous praises.”

Joey and her team from MIX FM.

“In my years in radio, I’ve learned that career is not a linear experience. Meaning your career is neither a ladder nor a pyramid. To me, it’s the idea of climbing a ladder, at one point, thinking we will ever reach the top? Contrary to what happened to me, I’ve learned to appreciate radio, hosting, voice over stints, teaching and baking as a way of life and not as an 8 to 5 job. Passion grows in me through the days and years, just as learning is an everyday experience. It is like any favorite app on iPhone --- you simply download it and get hooked.”


Multi-faceted life

“It’s really hard to tell how many events or roles I take in every week. I start my day early to prepare my daughter for school. Tuesdays and Thursdays see me at the University of Immaculate Conception where I teach Radio and Television Principles and Interpersonal Communication Skills. I record and write scripts for clients several times in a week. In between busy days, I bake and deliver Flazos. I also handle special events, hosting and voice over jobs for corporate and mall events.”

“Teaching in a university has always been in my bucket list. When I got the offer last year, I saw it as an opportunity for me to share what I’ve learned from the industry. I enjoy discussions in class. Sometimes, three hours is not even enough. I took it upon myself to share everything I know, also with help from friends in the industry who also eager to share their time and knowledge. I find teaching an extremely rewarding career. Watching young minds learn and helping them realize their full potential is truly a gratifying experience.”  

Live and learn

“I always maintain the attitude of a student --- I don’t stop learning. I try my best to make each day count. Every time I bake, I feel happy and excited that I’m sharing something that I love with friends. Instagram and Facebook posts about Flazo inspire me to create more flavors and make them available to everyone. When I host and do voice over stints, I try to be as professional and engaging as possible. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. Entertaining people and keeping them in high spirits are my goals. The world will definitely become a better place if we all did our part in keeping the people around us happy and cheerful. And who says the world has to live under gray skies all the time anyway?”

MIX FM at 12
“Through the years, I’ve realized that if you aren’t passionate about something, it is hard to express your true self to anyone. If you cannot identify with an activity that you are exploring, then it’s hard to truly understand yourself as an individual. Our love of certain things, ideas and beliefs that exceed anything tangible and those which are close to our hearts make us passionate human beings. I consider myself a student— I learn and try to discover something new everyday, even through little missteps along the road.”
Joey gets wacky with Kate Torralba
“For me passion and inspiration are related to the idea of loving life. If you are able to figure out what makes you tick and feel alive, you can improve your life greatly and make every day exciting.”

To order Flazos, please contact Joey through mobile number 0920 951 6494. You may also place your orders through
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.


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