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Celebrity stylist, LIZ UY

Right-sizing my wardrobe to only functional pieces has always been a challenge for me, despite the fact that I live and breathe each waking weekday in my office uniform. I started playing dress up at the age of 5 and have not stopped since then. Through the years, I’ve learned that a sustainable wardrobe doesn’t need to be expensive. I am not a big shopper and most of what I have were just accumulated through the years. However, I’ve reached that point wherein I’d have to rummage through my closet just to get a pair of jeans yet I still sometimes feel like I don’t have enough clothes to wear. “That’s because you don’t classify your clothes according to use. You have to make space for key pieces which you can mix and match, use and reuse many times,” snapped my friend.

Getting reacquainted with the basics couldn’t have come at a better time. I got my copy of Liz Uy’s StyLIZed just when I began with my spring cleaning.
StyLIZed: Liz Uy's 10 style essentials
StyLIZed is, by far, the hottest fashion book to hit the stores this year. In this book, fashion editor and stylist Liz Uy introduces to readers how to build a fashionable and highly functional wardrobe with only 10 versatile pieces. She details not only the basics every woman should have, but also the different ways of wearing them.

During the book signing event held at SM Lanang Premier, Liz Uy shared how this style guide came about. “I’ve seen trends come and go during my years as fashion editor. In this style guide, I outlined 10 wardrobe staples which are the most basic and ubiquitous pieces we probably all have in our closets. These are ones that can be worn for different occasions, styled in multiple ways, and are immune to trends regardless of the season.”

Liz doesn’t impose her own style and personality on her readers. She talks more about what goes into the process of putting together an ensemble and stresses on sensibility when it comes to choosing clothes and accessories that complement your body and character.

The book inspires readers to think out of the box and explore styling possibilities from combining edgy and classic pieces to giving second life to old clothes with easy DIY tricks. It opens ideas on how a woman can better appreciate and express her style and flaunt her assets. These useful tips and fresh ideas are more than enough to help women achieve and maintain a chic wardrobe that is practical at the same time. “No matter how basic the item is, it can truly go from day to night with just a simple tweak in how you fold it or what you wear it with. You can never go wrong with the basics. I would advise every girl to arm yourself with these pieces which you can definitely wear to many occasions at any time of the day. A little creativity goes a long way.”
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1, INdulge, Edge Davao, Vol. 7 Issue 18, 9 April 2014.


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