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A baby can change your life in so many ways. You discover an inner strength you never thought you had. Things that once seemed important to you would later on turn out to be meaningless as compared to loving and raising a child. You become less consumed about yourself and worry more about your baby’s welfare than yours. Eventually, you learn to understand, respect and love your own parents in a new way. In a nutshell, parenthood changes one for the better.

For first time mom, Aizza Celene “Atot” Tan-Barlis, parenthood has been nothing but blissful for her and her husband, Alain (widely known as Boods). “My husband and I really embrace parenting and we are having so much fun being new parents. Our son, Adam Blake, is the best thing that ever happened to us. Our priorities and interests now revolve mostly around him. Boods and I learned to take challenges in a different light because of all the good and happy memories we have with Adam.”
The couple, who met in 2004 through common friends, says that friendship became a good foundation for their relationship. Constant communication helped bridge the distance during the four years Atot worked abroad while Boods finished studies in Manila. Shortly after their wedding in year 2012, the couple moved to Sydney and took on a new direction. As Atot described it, “Married life has been so much fun. We started from scratch. We were on our own and we had to do everything together. Our bond became stronger as we went through the struggles and joy of settling in a different country.”

“We found out we were expecting a child on Father’s Day that same year. We were ecstatic! News of my pregnancy couldn’t have come at a better timing.” 


“It was generally a smooth and happy pregnancy. I had so much energy and I was always on my feet. I never really had any cravings or mood swings. And giving birth didn’t turn out to be like how it was in movies. I was so calm and relaxed with my husband by my side. He held my hand all throughout and my mom sat beside me in the birthing suite.”

Now a year old, Adam has grown into a little heartthrob. Not only is he the apple of his parents’ eyes, but also of his Ninongs’, Ninangs’ and relatives’. Atot and Boods had put together a little celebration for him in Sydney on his actual natal day. A few weeks after, they flew back to Davao to spend time with their family. After all, what better way to celebrate Adam’s first year than to party with family and friends?
Event stylist Brenda Cam helped Atot with the preparations for the “Airplanes” themed party. Atot also had a hand in putting together the party elements and in choosing suppliers like Anna Ibarreta-Santos for the giveaway lunch boxes and Joel Rodriguez (Osvaldo’s) for the birthday cake.

“Most of the attendees first met and saw Adam in person during the party. We’ll be returning to Sydney soon and it will be a while before Adam can come back to Davao to be with our family, friends and relatives. This is the reason why we’ve put a lot of effort into this party. We are just so blessed to have Adam in our life and we want to share this special day with the people who matter to us. Adam reinforced in us the meaning and importance of family and how beautiful life is. Our journey has become more meaningful and fulfilling --- all because of him,” concludes the proud mom, beaming.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1, Indulge, Edge Davao, Vol. 6 Issue 254, 12 March 2014.


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