Wednesday, January 22, 2014


While scanning a multitude of Instagram posts, I stumbled upon some interesting artwork by a budding artist whose style has gained a good following at such a short span of time. Hers was modern in approach, yet minimalist in medium.
“I call it pen art,” explains 28-year old Katrina “Tanya” Gaisano-Lee. With the aid of a pen and marker, she was able to “visualize” her own identity in the art scene.

Tanya, who hails from a family of entrepreneurs, is a certified practitioner on child developmental education. Her profession took her to Beijing and Shanghai, where she worked as a private English tutor.

Married and currently residing in Davao City, this “accidental artist” revisited her passion for art and began doodling in the early part of year 2013. “It was my husband who encouraged me to pursue my passion. To me, art is an expression of myself. It channels my creativity.” Tanya made her first sale in February.
“I started with abstract pieces, mostly subjects in black. After a certain time, I was able to create an interrelated series based on a certain theme.”

“I draw inspiration from all my travels. I try to translate new experiences into art, whether as a subject or a form, and make it my own. Art has influenced me with how I view things. Everything I see becomes a prospective subject or theme. Over time, I've been able to hone my skill with the intricate patterns I use and gain a certain confidence to experiment with colors.”

“I work at home, usually in the mornings when I wake up I start sketching. I start with a theme then create a series. I choose the colors according to my mood, depending on what’s also suited to the theme.”

“I've done quite a number of customized pieces and series for clients. Recently, I’ve been working on a “mother and child” series. I've also made some pieces featuring animals, yoga poses, and nudes. My themes are pretty diverse. On days I cannot think of a subject to draw, I just revisit some of my previous work or scan through my pile of photos to look for new inspirations.”

“Art has become a part of my daily life. I'll probably keep drawing and sketching until I’ll become physically incapable to do so.”

For more on made to order pieces, you may email Tanya at You may also follow @tanyagaisanolee on Instagram to view her other works and art series.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.


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