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The aftermath of the typhoon and flash floods from months past saw thousands in distress. The scenes in the calamity-stricken areas were far too depressing. Fear and weariness were the usual faces we saw in the news, reminding us of the consequences we all suffer from taking our world for granted.

There is no better time to be more concerned for our environment than today. The call of nature, taking it literally, seeks the attention and commitment of every individual in joining this movement to save the environment.

I personally take this movement as a passage / story similar to the Prodigal Son. For years, we have wasted our world with our indulgence and careless living. Now, having experienced devastation and dearth, we take a humble journey back home, to give back the love and care to Mother Nature.

High Society. Monica Floirendo, Marga Montemayor-Nograles, Marissa Tionko.
Bringing this issue closer to the heart of the modern women (fashionistas, to be exact), I’d have to say that showing love to Mother Nature isn't only limited to wearing printed shirts that scream of your environmental stance, nor by donning a floral or nature inspired clothes. Being eco-friendly doesn’t just require grand gestures. Even small efforts go a long way. To quote the famous line in the Milo TV commercial, we have to believe that “great things start from small beginnings.”

Fashion blogger Cheyser Pedregosa (The Walking Recessionista)
Less than three months ago, Davao took a bold move by banning the use of plastics in the city, to answer the growing concern over the damage plastic bags cause to our environment.

Fashion blogger Kristine Villano (Kweshie Doodles)
In support of this regulation, Davao City’s home grown clothing and lifestyle brand, SOUL Lifestyle, took the big leap beyond fashion and style. The brand launched its environmental campaign entitled Love Sustainable Style, and produced about 10,000 eco-chic reusable bags which will be used as packaging for every shopper’s purchase.

Zee Magazine's Marissa Tionko 
Reusable bags score points with smart shoppers because these are convenient, durable, easy to store and fold, and trendy. In a way, people actually put recycling ethos and significance to their shopping with these reusable bags, which can last several trips to the grocery and clothing shops.

Fashion blogger Gayle Royeca (Your Living Mannequin)
Along with the support of top fashion bloggers and high profile ambassadors, SOUL seeks to spread its advocacy of Sustainable Style to all its shoppers by giving out a 10peso rebate for each purchased item every time a shopping bag is reused. To seal this campaign, the first peso for every ecochic bag goes to an enviro-fund that will help support green projects in Davao.
Chiche Alejandre
This is an inexpensive breakthrough which can be adopted by many without making so much effort. The small alteration we do in our shopping tradition will definitely benefit the earth in the long run. Likewise, we take part in promoting a cleaner world and in educating the world about environmental awareness. This will eventually result to a dramatic impact on our Earth’s longevity, making this world a better place to live in for generations to come.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1, INdulge section, Edge Davao, Vol. 5 Issue 132, 05 September 2012.  


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