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Chiffon tops, mullet skirts, Oxford shoes, avaiators, coffee shops, Twitter, Facebook, Blackberry, and iPad /iPhone --- just few of the many breakthroughs that define our present lifestyle. Technology is now within reach to different sections in society, just as high fashion now has cheaper versions to cater to the clothing needs of wise spenders. 

My Sunday afternoon getup came in perfect harmony with the buntings that hung around the garden.  In the photo with me is my good friend, Kenneth. My blouse and shorts are my latest acquisitions from  the House of Glamorosa.
Trends are not only limited to what’s in with fashion, interior design, music, architecture, and arts. Our taste in food has somehow developed a flair for novelty as time goes by. Recent mobile uploads on social media are products of the Instagram phenomenon, a magical wonder that added vintage drama to photos in an instant. Milk tea and coffee shops, on a different note, became sort of a status quo in different societies. Milk tea is the latest drink to invade the food and beverage industry, in the same way that checking in your current location over Foursquare or Facebook gained a bit of following among those with wifi-serviced mobile gadgets. 

Keeping up with the trends, I decided to give a bit of vintage feel to my photos. I spent 3 hours Instragram-ming, the manual way --- Photoshop.

Food craze among Filipinos is pretty much evident in different locations --- from narrow streets all the way to the vast malls and hotels around town. The latest satisfaction Filipinos have discovered are home cooked recipes authored by humble individuals, and shared to the public in the form of a weekly culinary expo. 

A light bulb moment inspired young entrepreneurs and long-time friends Chiche Alejandre, and Sandy and April San Pedro to organize a weekly food fair to bring home cooked kitchen wonders to the palates of the Davao locals. Now, opening its gates to passionate foodies is the first ever Sunday food bazaar in the city.

April, Chiche, Ikei, and Sandy
Think of it as the local version of the Mercato Centrale in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Sabroso, which opened last April 15, opened the gates to a new trend in a family’s weekend past time. I tagged along my boyfriend and daughter to Sandy and April’s Yellow Hauz coffee place, which they generously offered as venue for the weekly gathering of self-made “chefs.” Aside from the obvious reason of supporting my friends, I was eager and excited to see a new social scene in town and to witness the success what of these three inspirational women have organized for the locals.

I'm pretty sure April made the buntings. Visit the Artisan shop for more of her papercrafts.

Mid-afternoon. The sun was up but it wasn’t as hot as noon. Their timing couldn’t be more perfect. I don’t know if this goes the same for you, but most of the people I know, especially kids, have this afternoon habit of craving for a satisfying snack at 3PM.

Cooking Mama Elaine with her cousin, Kitty.
Partyphile by night, Martha Stewart by day. My friend Zhaun talking cupcakes with Chiara.
Eric, who made the yummy Whoopie Pies, strikes a pose with Chiche.
Business partners Martin and Gemma

Families and friends filled in this quaint section of the busy street, with around 10 booths offering food selections to avid snackers. Everyone came strutting in their own fashion --- Fashionably late, fashionably stunning, and fashionably hungry. 

Family and friends come together. Mike, Ola, Bevs, Marc, Bunny, and Bea.

The Artisan herself, April, with another creative genius, Kenneth.
One happy boyfriend
who obviously can't hide his excitement over burger, foie gras, truffle butter, and Coke.
Hungry much? Time to fill in all the calories lost after running 6K on the treadmill. Don't we just love cheat days?
Gotcha! My daughter, sneaking sweets into her mouth.
Even a fluffy Pomeranian dog graced the affair, donning a pink and gray striped shirt that got a noteworthy approval from my style-conscious daughter. 

I wonder what they were talking about.
Male and female, single and taken, young and old… It didn’t matter who went with whom. It was all about seeing a community meeting minds over their love for simple, yet graciously rich food concoctions.

Sharing sweets and sweetness
Camera shy Apple, who I had to shoot on candid.
Elaine's son, LJ. Definitely a heartthrob.
Click, click! Photo to make his FB friends jealous.
My "sis" Queenie and her boyfriend, Art
Touching on food trends, they’re almost in perfect attendance when you check on the various menus: 
Burgers – check.

Milktea –check.
Cupcakes – check.

And after taking a fewl laps (and also laps in the local jargon) from corner to corner, I was able to add a couple of other must try’s in my list. 

Then again, these you have to critique on your own as my cravings and appetite are usually just as small as a bird’s.

Every bite and nibble was definitely worth the wait... Wait meaning cooking time for thick and rich burger patties with foie gras on top, spicy chiken wings, and many more. 

Surprisingly, these creative kitchen magicians are not professional chefs from any kind of restaurant. Their products originated from their personal taste and basic knowledge on cooking, for which they added with a dash of innovation and a mix of old and new techniques. 

I left the place together with two happy and stuffed tummies: my boyfriend’s and my daughter’s. 
Best paired with burgers and tacos. Yes. We finished off several cans of Coke and Sprite. 
Congratulations, Sandy, Chiche, and April. See you all again this weekend.


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