Friday, April 20, 2012


As a follow up to my blog post 3 days ago (Off to the Beach), I’d like to share some photos to those who are planning on a summer beach getaway.

I’m keeping the invitation simple: VISIT SAMAL.                   

From last year's Visit Samal Island Passports, we give you Visit Samal Island Boarding Passes this year. Access Samal Island by boat or ferry in multiple entries this summer and beyond. Visit for regular boarding announcements. 
(Photo shared on FB by DOT Reg. XI Dir. Art Boncato)

Visit Samal Island 2012 full-color centerfold ad. Check out island-wide fun happenings from April to July!
(Photo shared on FB by DOT Reg. XI Dir. Art Boncato)
Samal, or the Island Garden City of Samal, is actually composed of clusters of island resorts which are all one boat ride away from downtown Davao. The island offers world class choices of unspoiled beaches and riches, perfect for those who seek refuge away from the city buzz.

I am personally more of an indoor kind of person, so I guess my words and occasional trips to water world might not be enough to convince you to take a trip around Samal. But here are two celebrity models / TV stars who definitely had fun in the island.

They are no less than Daniel Matsunaga and Fabio Ide.

My writer-friend's caption for this photo: It's like watching the gods rise above the sea.

(Photos taken by Jojie Alcantara)

Here's a bit of history on the photos.

Back in February 2010, our hotel invited a group of writers and commercial models for a 3-day familiarization tour of Davao City, dubbed as Make it Davao Now! We took the group to Samal for an experience of pristine water and cool air. Weeks after, Davao City was featured in full page articles in the national broadsheets and premier magazines. 

As publicist of a deluxe-international hotel in the southern part of the Philippines, I’ve come to understand and value the need to promote our city as an adventure destination to help bring in business and tourists to our region. We dedicate time and energy to help, in whatever way we can, improve and generate more publicity and awareness about Davao.

A big thank you, for the nth time around, goes out to our writer friends - Jake De Leon Ramirez, Mira Kaye Gloria, Walden Belen, Jose Erece, Jerry Donato, Jacky Oiga, and PR mogul Joyce Ramirez.

May I just say, "I LOVE MY JOB!"
We also extend our gratitude to the quirky and fun duo that is Fabio Ide and Daniel Matsunaga, who gamely posed for our cameras.


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