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Fashion runs in the bloodline of every woman… even mothers. We rise to every occasion in our own statement look, in different brands, colors, and cuts. In this modern time, women have a great variety of clothing racks to choose from, whether in local retail shops, department stores, or high end boutiques carrying staple and international brands. We have yet to account the limitless options found on cyberspace, making shopping faster and more tempting with just one click.
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Let’s face it. Gone are the days when women only had bloomers, hand me down’s, jeans, uniforms, stark dresses, and other plain clothing regalia in their closet. The busy streets (and malls) are now populated by women of different generations, in a mix and match of the old and new, bedecked with edgy accessories, and pumped up soles.

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Looking good is a personal commitment. For single ladies, it helps capture the interest of equally available men. For married women / mothers, it helps keep your husbands from going astray. For single moms, it helps heal slightly wounded egos and re-emerge gloriously after the storm.

As exciting and therapeutic fashion is, the creative course in style synthesis is less stressful for single women than for mothers. For mothers, size, budget, and function are always an issue.

Come to think of it, motherhood not only changes your style sense but also your direction in shopping central. A lap or two around the shops of signature labels such as Chanel, Prada, or Louis Vuitton would then conclude a shopping put on halt, in consideration of your child’s needs.

“Isusubo mo na nga, ibibigay mo pa rin sa anak mo.” Yes, all mothers think that way. Nevertheless, we find no excuse to stumble down fashion road kill just because we have to play the role of a self-sacrificing mother. I, for one, turn to spendthrift ways to upgrade my look and put together appealing ensembles to conceal age and baby fats from pregnancy long done 5 years ago. There are just a few days when I can afford to be a one day millionaire and shop for luxe items, while on other days I’m on resistance training. By resistance training, I don’t pertain to the toning workout, but my inner battle with guilt and temptation to shop.

Trying hard to be a wise spender, I set a limit and budget as to how much I can spend on myself every month. As my daughter’s needs grow in numbers, the budget only allow little flexibility for myself. Left with a deflated purse, I would then focus my styling venture to online shopping.

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Back in the hay days, only the big brands could afford exposure on line. Lucky me, there are now sites that sell affordable yet fashionable pieces. A perfect example is the site of House of Glamorosa by Carine Cabebe, a former TV personality and commercial model. Like her, more and more budding entrepreneurs invest in the fashion industry via Multiply and Facebook. Even college students make it their money earning venue. The clothes are of high quality and style, and, here’s the best thing, budget friendly, with almost nothing priced over Php800.00. You’d be amazed to see unique pieces in these sites which are rarely available in department stores. Personally, this comes to my advantage. After all, who would want to be caught dead wearing the same outfit with someone else?
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Be it trinkets, clothing, shoes, or bags, the wide selection online can leave you with a mild case of nausea. There really are lots to choose from! The designs are a mix of classic essentials complemented with a pinch of panache and quirkiness to keep up with the latest trends. However, it takes a good eye to spot the great finds.

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Another money-saving benefit of online shopping is you don’t have to spend on gas, parking, cab fares, or your commute. Sellers only charge minor fees for shipping. Online shopping gives moms more bonding time with kids, and save up on unnecessary expenses that come with constant trips to the mall.

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A bit of advice to buyers online. Make sure the sellers have a good record with previous buyers before you engage into business with them. Contact details are not enough to guarantee hassle-free transactions. Make sure you acquire proof of delivery and secure receipts for payments made. And please, consider it a lowdown to publish disputes online. Settle buyer complains in a graceful manner, with proper and valid reasoning. Be responsible in protecting yourself from hoax trading and cyber-crimes. Make sure your hard earned money won’t go to waste.

As Carrie Bradshaw would put it, “I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet.”

Story published in Edge Davao for my weekly column, Metro Mom.

Page A1 of INdulge section, Edge Davao, Vol. 5 Issue 23, 04 April 2012. 


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