Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Is this with tax?” asked this mathematically challenged mom.                      

Sun, sand, and sea would usually call on for the power of sunblock. This new bottle I got, for example, says SPF 75++ in bold characters.  Nauseated after much contemplation, I shrugged off curiosity that might lead to a sheet of exasperated computation. For me, sun protection can be, at times, difficult as math logic. 

For instance, the deal with “eat figures” which is a daydream back to my old (meaning 6 years ago) 34-24-34 shape, in between calorie counts. Honestly, aside from it being a getaway for a brief R&R, a beach trip to me would translate to a flicker fest for added profile photos on Facebook and Twitter. Laugh if you want but don’t you think everyone attempts a bikini model pose, too? You gotta give it to mothers who worked a good sweat in the gym just to bring sexy back, in time for summer. 

I know. This is my signature pose. Let it go. After all, I'm a mother of a 5 year old kid and slim arms, without doing the hand on waist pose, are so difficult to attain. This is the best that I can do for now to conceal my "soft muscles." Hehe :p
Then there’s the issue of waking up early. Common ground with equally skin conscious cousins requires us to be up and ready for the beach by dawn, no less than 5.30am on the dot. This comes as a shocker for beach loving friends who prefer brunch along the seashore instead. I might sound off a bit too vain, being a worrywart on getting over tanned, but we have to admit the heat now is overbearing. The UV ray seeps through our skin so harshly, posing a threat to skin irritation, heat stroke, and, worse, diseases like the Big C.

But hey, who can resist the lure of fresh wind and soothing sound of the water. I’d say, ME! Kidding. I’d give in to my daughter’s puppy dog eyes begging me for a brief sun, sand, and sea experience. After all, swimming and sand castles are part of everyone’s childhood. Why deny her of that?

Spot the SPF75++

With much prodding, in between interrupted zzz’s, the good Samaritan in me would give up Me Time and gather up beach essentials for an early water wade. 

More than the sunblock, towels, water bottle, first aid kit, toys, shampoo, soap, lip balm, and trusty brush and comb, beach essentials to us also include a bit of accessorizing and reading. My daughter and I are in love with the nautical summer look, thus the evidence blue, red, white, and black possessions are always on tote. 

Gearing up for summer. (All items are available at Accessorize)
A Girl Scout trained mom is always armed and ready with a reliable camera to capture the colorful scenes, whether off-shore or in action, waddling through waves. I’d always keep a mental note to charge the battery, so we won’t end up with low-resolution photos via mobile uploads. We’re supposed to be techie moms, too, right? Well, I try and learn to keep the right gadgets both working and within reach (I once lost the key to the cabinet where I hid our camera). 

And of course, my little does a bit of accessorizing, too, at the beach. Perfect for our mother-daughter shots.
I’m hungry!” Oh, that’s just my daughter calling me. To avoid constant ordeals and agonizing demands for readily available food, I make sure there are chips in the bag and a few cans or bottles of water, soda, or juices to keep the thirst away. Of course we’d order in food from the restaurants in the vicinity, but we can’t take snacking away from kids and the kids at heart. I am guilty of taking pleasure in kiddie food such as Iced Gems, Airheads, Skittles, Twix, and Cheese Curls. We even bring a pack of Goldilocks polvoron, one childhood love that brings my daughter and me closer with every bite.

Simple pleasures. We just love the fried bananas at Paradise Beach Resort.
Daughter in water, I’d stay off base for a good read and shade. Of course, I’d keep a watchful eye to check on the nanny and my kid, as well as the possessions we have on the table. It also pays off whenever supportive boyfriend is in town to add extra fun to my daughter’s sand and water adventure.

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Is it almost noon? When are we going back to the city?

High noon. Flashing a tempting smile, I’d call out to my little mermaid to bid Nemo and Flounder goodbye. Of course she’d bargain for more time but the sun gets hotter by the hour, and she needs to get refreshed. We have our own version of the Tug of War, a verbal dispute between non-consenting minds. This seasonal battle between health and addiction to the sea wrings out tears and sweat to our faces until Mommy wins.

Sweat, stickiness, salt, and sarcasm aside, we’d journey back to the city to return to a less heated environment, both physically and emotionally. Bathed in cool water, we’d set our air conditioner in full swing, with a good pillow as my ticket back to peaceful sleep.

Aaaaah. There is really no place like home.

Now, how do I turn that mute button again to silence the “I wanna go back to the beach tomorrow, Mommy” radio recording?

Maybe next week again, baby. Mom’s gonna drift off to sleep first.

Story published for my weekly column in Edge Davao newspaper.
Page 17, A4 of INdulge Section, Volume 5 Issue 32, 19 April 2012


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