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Makeshift cherry blossom tree outside the restaurant
I was about 8 years old when friends of the family told me that my maternal grandmother is a Japanese descendant. According to them, Lola was "1/4 Japanese." Confused and innocent, I asked, "So does that mean I only have few drops of Japanese blood left in my in body?" They didn't answer my question and left me to ponder more childish theories. But whatever they meant, I can only assume that my great appetite for Japanese food stems from that story on our so-called lineage. 

My tummy had a refresher course on sushi, teppanyaki, maki, and ramen --- all in one rainy evening. It was more of a crash course, I must say, as I finished off my share of all the Japanese food we had on the menu. In short, it was another case of an abandoned diet and discipline. A new box of CarbTrim was put in hiding as I welcomed media friends to the opening of our Japanese Food Fest at Café Marco.

Our previous threads on Twitter had me and friends Jojie, Ian, and Kenneth gabbing about being carb-conscious as we started talking about Japanese food. Of course, even with the absence of a hashtag at every mention of CarbTrim, we got the attention of the social media guard of the said product, and he/she joined in our conversation to enlighten us on the proper dosage of the carb blocker drink.

Our twitter-conversation went like this.
Kenneth: Pwede mag request ng CarbTrim to go with the dinner buffet?

CarbTrim: Thank you for recommending CarbTrim. If you guys are talking about sushi, then that's carb-heavy. 

Me (in reply to Kenneth): Carbtrim na lang tayo before the meal. Not much to fear about Jap food. Di naman yata loaded w/ calories ang karamihan doon.

CarbTrim: That's an interesting thought. :)

Ian: Jap fest for lunch or dinner? :-) Pano na ang detox wk ko? Hahahaha

Me (in reply to Ian):  Nothing deep fried na lang. Magdadala ako CarbTrim para makapag all out tayo.

Jojie: Hahaha Oy si Papa Rhon din loves Jap food. sige let me drink Carb Trim one pitcher muna before habhab.

CarbTrim: A glass of CarbTrim dissolved in 250ml of water is enough. No need for a pitcher. :P

Ian: Haha! :P TAGAM! (Ayan tuloy) RT A glass of CarbTrim dissolved in 250ml of water is enough. No need for a pitcher. :P

I guess we found a new friend in the Mr./Ms. Carbtrim. 

Come dinner time, not even one of us reached out and opened the sachet of CarbTrim that we hid in our bags.

The sight of tempting and colorful Japanese dishes brought in by chefs ate all our diet fears.

Bahala na. All out na ito. 

I guess Japanese food is best enjoyed with a full intake of carbohydrates. Rice and noodles, all cooked in rich flavors and served in artful plating. We probably won't have the same satisfaction if we got rid even one a bit of its essence. 

Never mind the diet. We just kept visiting the buffet spread without any sign of stopping. Well, not until the dessert was served on our table.

Look at all these tummy treats! Oishii!

It's so great to have friends who share my love for Japanese food, and some of the calories on the dinner spread as well. Thank you for coming, Jinggoy, Ken, Ian, Jojie, Maya, Mike, Rhonson, Ria, and Anavi.

Pork Gyoza

Tempura Udon


THE starter plate

My favorite: Chicken Teriyaki

Tempura Ice Cream and Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Mongo
The Japanese food festival runs until the 12th of May 2012. Come and visit Cafe Marco now! Itadakimasu!

Experience a whole new genre of gastronomic adventure as we bring you the best of Japanese cuisine.

Café Marco welcomes the summer with the masterful cooking of Chef Mark Anthony “Violon” Tulbanos, whose culinary skills were shaped in specialty restaurants in Japan from the year 2001. Balancing taste, texture, appearance, and color, Chef Violon’s food showcase features his modern interpretation of classic selections such as chicken and beef teriyaki, tempura, sukiyaki, ramen, sushi, sashimi, and more.

Special limited offer available daily for dinner from April 11 to May 12, 2012. For reservations and inquiries, please call (63 82) 221 0888 local 7222. 


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