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Redecorating your home can be an overwhelming affair amid infinite options and styling possibilities. But let’s face it, that's what also makes it so much fun. Sometimes, when faced with the challenge of redecorating a space that’s in dire need of a spanking new look, you don’t need to splurge on an all-new set of furniture or hire an interior designer. You can easily liven it up and give it a facelift by adding a few thoughtful accessories.

Find the pieces you love and shop at Florence Home --- a quaint little store located in downtown Davao, owned by taste master Florence Ferraris - Alejandre. This professional event stylist and homemaker just recently opened her shop out of her husband’s suggestion of turning her styling obsession into a full blown business. “If you’re going through the trouble of procuring and shipping in rare finds, why not buy in bulk and sell the rest of the pieces?”

“It made sense,” Florence said. “In a way, I get to bring in profit out of my habit and hobby. You see, I’m on a constant search for ornaments to add in our home. I see one thing and I imagine how it would look like if matched and placed beside another thing. I’m always in the mood to mix and match. I guess that’s the stylist in me, thinking. I’m just lucky that my husband supports me in everything I do, including my interest and passion in interior design.”

Florence Home houses a selection of exquisite, tasteful, and culturally inspired home décor pieces. It has a wide variety of products that will give any home contemporary flair. These unique home accents are procured come from locations across the region, to ensure that every customer have the best variety for her living space.

“One of the objectives of this business is to share a little joy and beauty with each home. My display started with only fancy porcelain and tea cups, and later on grew into a collection of crafty ornaments made from glass, wood, brass, acrylic and ceramic. In the beginning, all items were only exclusively displayed and available online. However, due to popular demand, I was compelled to turn my office into a stand-alone shop which also doubles as my meeting venue for clients in need of my help for events and parties. The response is really overwhelming and we now ship orders to different cities. I didn’t even know that there are a lot of women in Davao who share the same obsession in collecting tea cups or decorating houses.”

The art of arrangement is always stylish,” shares Florence. “To spruce up your living space, all you need is a few throw pillows, vases, frames, stoneware, china and mirrors to instantly liven it up. Despite being small, accessories are your quick makeover solution that can make a big change and turn any room into a well-designed space worthy of a magazine cover. Tea cups, saucers, pots and the like make pretty accents for all those nooks and crannies. You can even hang up china to decorate your walls and stack up your shelves with fun trinkets, wooden decorative or color coordinated prints. Mirrors can give any small space an added boost, while photo collages and frames look more interesting in variation colors and form.  There is a wide variety of artifacts to choose from, and all you need is to determine how best to incorporate these accents into your room. Dressing up your place with accessories is less expensive compared to a total room renovation or refurbishment, and can simply be changed on a whim from time to time depending on the season or theme you want to follow.”

Find out more styling tips and interior design solutions by checking out available decorative accents at Florence Home, located along Road 1 in Dona Vicenta Village. You may also check out new stocks through @florencehomeaccents on Instagram or send in orders via Viber to 0917 701 3346.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.


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