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Speakers blasting electronic dance music, a roster of talents in attendance (plus a couple of surprise cameos and performances waiting), droves of people in long queues, LED light streaming through moving heads, an impressive visual display flashing on digital media... Each element is calculated, every track follows a well planned repertoire and coupled with back up alternatives in case of some glitches. The stage is set and Kat Dalisay is determined to bring life to it, one event at a time. 
Her name brings to mind danceable tunes and good looking DJ's, both home grown and those flown in from Manila. Music festivals are not only Kat Dalisay's forte but also her claim to fame.
They say necessity is the mother of invention. Manic Nightnings Production, the group behind Carte Blanche and the many other EDM events that gathered at least 1,000 party goers, is actually the brainchild of Kat, a true blue mom herself. The production outfit was born out of an ambition to elevate Davao's party experience by introducing new music styles and genres in the entertainment scene. Think Coachella with electronic beats. 
How did it all start?
Twenty-six year old single mom, Kat, considers 2 pivotal points in her life: Her entry into motherhood and Carte Blanche, the first EDM festival she produced last November 2013 that paved the way for new projects to come.
Single-handedly, Kat rallied to make Carte Blanche attention-worthy with social media and clout as her strongest allies. Not to discount her constant yearning for new means and knowledge which would nurture her "baby" project, Kat also had to delve deep into what she believes the locals are looking for. Pre-event parties gave everyone a preview of what to expect in the main event itself, thereby making it trend and increase its following in numbers. Soon, support came from different talents and individuals who now identify themselves and express loyalty to Manic Nightnings Production. With such a well mounted plan and proper execution, the impossible happened and Carte Blanch made its mark as the biggest music festival Davao has seen, boasting of a crowd of over 10,000 people. Its unbeatable success earned raves not only from young party goers, but also from different cross-sections of the society. Offers to do mall and club events came right after, which catapulted the events group to the top and fortified a reputable name in the entertainment scene. Even Kat's roster of DJ's continue to receive invitations for out of town events, something she takes pride on and devotedly campaigns across regions. 
Kat believes passion and patience are the main ingredients to her success. Bringing with her some learnings from her previous experience as a real estate broker, she puts so much value in relationships and face to face encounters with clients and suppliers as these are the very core of brand development, sales and marketing --- tasks which Kat spearheads and handles for all her events. 
A day in the life of Kay is what she calls an organized chaos, just like her events --- countless of surprise elements coming from left and right, depending on what the day and clients orders, including her daughter. She wakes up to the constant prodding from her 5 year old Heaven, whose curiosity fuels up more than twenty questions on "why is the world like this." Heaven considers her mom the coolest and both maintain an open communication. In between errands, she visits the gym and meets up with suppliers and clients. Her job requires her to be her natural "party girl" self, which is Kat's strongest quality. Motherhood may have humbled her down and taught her to be more mindful of her actions, but it doesn't stop her from enjoying life as she knows it. "Life is a party. We just have to learn to dance to different kinds of music. My goal is to make Davao a party destination and our music artists known across the country, if not the globe. I am confident that together, we can rise to this challenge and show the rest of the world why it is more fun in Davao." 
For more information and inquiries on special events and club parties, please log on to You may also contact 09158984189 or email
(photos courtesy of Kat Dalisay)
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.


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