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Artists work in different medium and cakes are no different from any of those forms. Edible art, as we call it, may look deceptively easy to make but, in truth, there is so much background work that goes into each design.
"Baking requires accuracy, control, creativity and spunk," shares Marie Mae Tacugue, cake artist and founder of Cupcake Couture, a homegrown brand that caters custom made cakes for all types of events and weddings. "It's like building a house. You have to be precise in your measurements so you'll get the foundation right. The ingredients will help you build your structure, but you have to immerse yourself in imagination on how you can bring an illustration or theme to life. In this business, there's a thin line between creating cakes to your client's liking and following your own style or vision. You really have to marry both."


Marie's love of baking goes back to when she was a little girl. She didn't have any formal training and practice due to limited funds and ingredients. Most of what she knows are either self-taught or personal tips from her sister and mom who, on special occasions, encouraged her to watch as she baked cakes for family friends. She also had her mom's collection of recipes as storybooks to read at home. 

After graduating with a degree in Management Accounting, Marie found herself working in call centers, first as an agent and then moved up as Language and Communications Trainer. Now a proud mom of 2, she rekindled her love for baking in the midst of her 7-year stint in the BPO industry. She first made cakes and cookies for friends at work. By word of mouth, other colleagues became interested in trying out her delicacies. When orders started flooding in, the possibility of opening her own dessert line become more realistic. It prompted her to take in orders through her Facebook page, and, due to great demand, she eventually decided to turn her hobby into a full-fledged career and leave the BPO industry.
Aside from custom made cakes, sugar cookies, cupcakes and cake pops, Marie regularly gets orders for her signature desserts. "Best sellers include Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Cake and Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting."


Now on its third year in operations, Cupcake Couture has grown an impressive clientele and gained significant following in the region. Marie's beautifully designed cakes and desserts capture so intensely the joy, energy and the wonder of being alive. Like a sculptor working with clay, she molds fondant and icing into confections that are almost too pretty to eat. Her talent brims with a great sense of life, exuding passion and gratification in adding joy to each monumental event in other people's lives.

Marie's knack for sugar craft has given her a taste of sweet success. She doesn't solely rate success in numbers, but also in being able to create value in what she does. "Managing a home-based business gave me more time to take care of my kids. Being your own boss has its perks, I can set my own pace. Organization and flexibility are keys to balancing motherhood and work."


Follow Cupcake Couture on Facebook and Instagram to view Marie's catalogue of cakes and desserts. You may email your inquiries and orders to or call 0933 244 5085.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1, INdulge, Edge Davao, Vol. 7 Issue no. 72, 25 June 2014 


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