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Breastfeeding provides mother and babies with countless benefits, and leading medical experts recommend mothers to breastfeed their infants for at least six to twelve months. Breast milk is the perfect food for babies as it provides immunities to an infant that he would not otherwise receive. For moms, it reduces the risk of breast, ovarian and cervical cancer, and promotes emotional health and postpartum weight loss.

Nutritionists, medical practitioners, mothers and other nursing advocates can’t stress enough the importance of breastfeeding. Nowadays, there is a growing population of moms who religiously take time to nurse their babies, which even inspired a new trend in mom and child selfie’s by documenting their bundles of joy and sharing their own magical experience. “There are still some mothers who are shy about exposing themselves in public. On the other hand, there are those, like me, who takes action in challenging the incessant taboo on breastfeeding in public,” says Tatiana Jean 'Ina' Bautista-Moran, 29-year old wife and working mom of 2. Ina is very passionate when it comes to looking after the welfare of her family and their wellness is always her top priority day in and day out. 

Sharing the joy of motherhood
“For me, the instinct on family and baby care just sparked the moment I saw my first child. I was very young then and I didn’t know much, but it just happened. It grew in me,” explains Ina. “In a way, motherhood gave me direction. I wouldn’t have known what I wanted to do in life if I didn’t become a mother. In everything I do and decide on, I carry that maternal instinct with me and everything else just follows.”


Not only is Ina a devoted mom, she also does her share in supporting programs on breastfeeding by establishing her own line of fashionable breastfeeding covers called Inamorata.
“It all began when I started breastfeeding in public. I noticed people gave me strange glances and stared like I was supposed to hide what I was doing. At first, I felt very much like an activist about it, realizing that this so-called mentality among locals has been going on for years and might even take a couple more to gain the society's full acceptance. As a solution, I created a breastfeeding cover that can aid moms in nursing their babies and protect them from prying eyes and discriminating stares of strangers. Initially, it was just for myself, but then I got a few compliments from others. So I started promoting it on social media and soon, I received orders and inquiries from fellow moms.”

“Breastfeeding and childbirth make a woman and mother unique. It is an expression of love,” she adds. “By using a breastfeeding cover, mothers can feed and share love whenever and wherever. Inamorata is comfortable and easy to use as you can simply just wear it over like a poncho. It can be worn as part of your outfit, or, when not in use, as a scarf, a bag accessory, a bandana, a belt or even a baby blanket. It comes in one size which fits all, with 3 prints to choose from. There’s the Sweet Inamorata for regular days, Smart to fit that classic or corporate look and Sexy for cocktails and special events.”

What makes Inamorata unique from those that are commonly sold in the market? “We use mesh to allow air to pass through and to allow baby and mommy to have a glimpse of each other. We have to keep in mind that eye contact with the baby stimulates milk flow. We use soft and light fabric which keeps mom and baby feeling secured and comfortable at the same time. Our covers come in trendy patterns which can enhance any look and make breastfeeding in public look as natural and fashionable as possible.”

“I’d like to think that there has been a lot of positive change now in terms of how people perceive breastfeeding, as compared to how it was at the time I had my first child. Breastfeeding advocates have been doing a great job in spreading awareness through community lectures and special programs. As for me, I just lead by example. I do my own share by campaigning among the fellow mothers I come across with and further out to wherever the wind may take me.”

Ina shares some tips to new moms.
“Breastfeed whenever and wherever your baby demands milk. Take advantage of all the available information and support you can get in the community, and don’t exclude dad from the whole experience. Keep in mind that there are things that may look difficult at first before they become easy. Don’t listen to people who just make breastfeeding sound complicated because it never is, never was, will never be.”

To order Inamorata breastfeeding covers, contact 0917 803 1425 on either Viber or iMessage. You may also send a direct message to @inanijaviatjaco on Instagram.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1 Indulge, Edge Davao, Vol. 7 Issue 77, 2 July 2014.


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