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Although your baby may be too small to strike a pose for the camera, pictures are special keepsakes that parents treasure for a lifetime. In fact, taking baby photos is like a military mission for most moms, who will spare no cost and go to great lengths just to capture her baby’s precious moments for all family and friends to see. In my case, being a working mom, these photos have become the best antidote which eases all melancholy over missing my little one at home.

There are parents who opt for a photo session with an experienced portrait photographer to capture images of newborns and toddlers. A photographer who has the skill to work with children and babies knows how to manage any kind of situation ---- be it crying times, tantrums, or when nature calls. Some prefer to get professional pictures of their baby around newborn stage or the three week mark. One of the most enjoyable baby shoots is also during the sitting stage which is usually around 6-7 months, when babies have become to be more animated and interactive with the audience.

On another note, how, where, when and by whom the photos are done play only a minor part in the entire experience as what’s really important is to capture that magical essence of your baby. With your camera phone alone, you'll likely be snapping thousands of pictures of your child throughout the course of his childhood. Motherly instincts are enough to turn you into your baby’s own photographer who can calculate the best moments to capture tear-jerkingly beautiful images.
When planning your baby’s photo debut, remember that it’s important to make it comfortable for your little one. Props can prettify and add interest to your images, especially for a baby under 3 months who can’t do a dozen poses on his own. In this stage, babies can only be safely left unattended when lying down. Babies have sweet movements which do not have to be staged at all, so there’s no need to stress over having the perfect pose in every frame. A prop with sentimental value such as a handmade blanket or a hand me down teddy bear are good enough to enhance the overall frame. However, should you have any theme and scene in mind, there are also stylists in town who can help you execute your preferred backdrop and set design. As for the wardrobe, it’s best to keep it streamlined as bold patterns and prints can be distracting. Statement shirts may be impossible to read if you can't get your baby set and posed in the right position.

One of the problems you’ll probably encounter when photographing infants is deciding what sort of shots you want to capture. Photographers recommend that you bring yourself down to eye level or zoom in with macro lens to capture the extreme detail of his best features. If the baby sees you at eye level, there is a greater chance for interaction and expression. As you follow his every move with your camera, keep yourself on high alert for those inevitable photo opportunities. You may need to goof around to elicit a reaction. This can include playing hide and seek or making silly clucking noises. You can try to capture natural expressions or candid moments. After taking a full body shot, you may also want to take detail shots of his hands, eyes, feet and mouth --- all which you can put together to create a photo montage. These images, when put side by side, capture all of your baby’s dynamic personality. 

Natural light is often more pleasing to a baby's skin tones. As opposed to artificial lights or flash, photos taken using natural light are more realistic and delightful to the eye. It’s best to avoid the harsh midday light as will cast shadows on the face and your baby will be more likely to squint due to the flash of sunlight.

Don’t just create wonderful images of your baby – create memories with your baby! Let the baby inspire you. Be creative and enjoy this bonding experience with your little one. It’s one of those memories you’ll keep looking back and will forever remind you of the magic of your child’s innocent smile and touch.

Photos by Marlon Advincula. Visit Marlon Advincula Photography on Facebook or call 082 305 59 84. Set design and styling by Veejay Salonga of Decoratives by Janah & Hercs.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.


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