Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Summer time is when most kids buzz with excitement and creativity. In between family holidays and adventures, parents find different ways to kill their children’s boredom by enrolling them in either sports or creative arts workshop. 

For quite a number of school holidays now, April San Pedro of Artisan Design Studio has been offering arts and crafts workshop for small groups of kids. Each 3-hour session varies and features different techniques in paper crafts and design solutions. Her equally talented sister, Sandy, who’s a bonafide pastry chef, also opened short-courses in baking which was attended by moms and children alike. Each program offers new and original ideas and every participant gets to take home a unique creation of their own.

This year, with her sister’s migration to Canada, April collaborated with polymer clay artist Kay Fanlo for a 2-day workshop for a group of 5 kids. Kay is widely known for her handmade success with pretty bits and pieces she creates out of polymer clay --- a hobby which she was able to turn into a business.

Dubbed as “Kids Gone Craft,” Kay and April’s art sessions taught little children techniques in clay art and fabric painting. “Kids all love clay,” explains Kay. “It’s easy to mold and shape. This time, they got to experiment with and bake polymer clay. Clay workshops are always fun and never boring, especially for young aspiring artists. This kind of activity helps develop motor skills and creativity and promotes problem solving.”

“My life as a graphic designer is not only focused on work,” shares April. “I also want to promote crafting among children. I started my creative arts workshop with the goal of providing a fun and non-competitive venue for kids to express their ideas and inner vision and build confidence through art.”

“Whatever project children are working on, the creative process also involves experimentation and taking risks. With this, they are able to manage their focus, try other solutions and enjoy what they are doing. I make sure I provide my students with visual and perceptual tools that are easy to learn and handle.”


As a mother, Kay understands the role of parents in promoting creativity among kids. “Parents need to pay close attention to their child’s interest and skills. We need to show them support so our children can build confidence in expressing their thoughts and vision, without thinking that they’re always wrong. We should celebrate the artist in them by giving them the opportunity to create in a vibrant, inspirational and exciting environment, whether at home or in a classroom.”

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Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1 and A4, INdulge, Edge Davao, Vol. 7 Issue 37, 7 May 2014.


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