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Hello, 2014!

Still on a first day high? By now, you’re probably swearing off lechon or sweets for about a month or so. Feeling the urge to be one with the world and get back in shape?

“Try juicing for a change,” suggests Melody An Saja Ybanez, better known as Chiqk.

This 22-year old architect in the making (she is currently on her 5th year) also happens to be the creative genius behind the best selling brand of organic juices labeled as the Greene Dare. And not only is she a student and young entrepreneur, Chiqk, more importantly, is a proud mom to a 6-month old baby boy.

“Juicing helped me lose baby weight from my pregnancy,” claims the svelte young mom.

What is the Greene Dare?

Greene Dare gives the term “fast food” a healthy twist with its line of bottled fresh, organic, cold-pressed veggie and fruit juices. This multi-hyphenate drink label gives you your much needed dosage of daily essentials all in a liquid solution which is produced as ordered. “Everything in each bottle is purely pressed vegetable and fruit juice. We don’t even add water into the mix. This is the reason why the juice fills up your tummy easily and you feel full even right after one bottle. In a way, you can substitute one meal with Greene Dare,” explains Chiqk.

Dared to go green

I must say, I’m impressed with how this young student-mom created a product and brand as successful as the Greene Dare.

Chiqk shares her story. “At first, the idea didn’t come to me as a money-making potential. I was on a quest to lose the extra pounds I gained during pregnancy. I was inspired to try the fitness approach followed by local celebrities I see on Instagram. After seeing and experiencing the positive results juicing had on by body, I decided to continue on with juicing just to infuse a healthy mix into my regular diet.”  

“Then I had a light bulb moment. I realized Davaoeños nowadays are more conscious of their shape and what they eat, especially when it comes to maintaining their desired weight and body figure. These healthy concoctions I make everyday can definitely help everyone achieve their fitness goals, even for those who are busy at work. As a young mom, I needed extra income to help sustain my child and education. I braved all odds and invested my time, energy and money in making this to a full blown business. And so this venture soon became a hit among people of all ages. My clientele now includes young professionals, doctors, dentists, entrepreneurs, managers, and even students.”
“These juices are all made with love. I am very hands on with this business. I do everything myself --- from research development, production, marketing, and delivery.”
“Production and delivery are scheduled every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I only produce what is ordered. I don’t stock up on juices and ingredients.  I always produce the juices hours before the delivery time. I wake up at 6am to prepare the fruits and vegetables. Each has to be properly weighed, sliced, and measured according to the flavor. Right now, there are about 5 flavors under my brand: Citrus Morning (apples, cucumber, orange, lemon, spinach), Sweet Romaine (romaine lettuce, apples), Beet it (beets, apples, spinach), Mean greene (apples, cucumber, spinach, celery, lemon, ginger), and Greene load (apples, cucumber, spinach, celery, lemon, ginger, carrots). Before the actual press time, it takes me almost 2 to 3 hours to sterilize the bottles, and wash and slice the fruits and veggies. At an average, I make about 100 bottles every MWF. I start delivering the bottles to customers a little after lunch time. The other 2 days in my work week are dedicated to buying fresh fruits and vegetables.”
Looking forward, Chiqk is optimistic about growing her business and introducing a healthier lifestyle to the community. “It’s hard to juggle my roles (mother, student, and entrepreneur) and keep a balanced lifestyle. I’m a hands-on mom, too. Good thing I have my fiancé to help me. This kind of business is as tedious as can be, but I am determined to make it big soon --- and maybe have my own store where anyone can just hang out and enjoy healthy drinks with friends.”
The detox challenge
There are 2 common ways of detoxifying the body: One is through juice fasting and the other is by replacing one or two meals with fresh juice.
The Greene Dare guarantees success in reaching your goal with only 6 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. With this program, you get to enjoy a wide variety of fruits and veggies in a bottle, giving you a comprehensive and balanced blend of essential nutrients.
How to prepare for a detox program? 
You should warm up your body to eating less before you take the deep plunge. Prep time usually takes 3 days before you start the detox program. You should avoid anything with coffee, red meat, alcohol, sugar, dairy, and wheat.
Fasting with juice normally takes 2 to 3 days, depending on what you want to achieve. Some people fast once a week to give their system a break from toxins and processed food.
Pregnant or nursing women, people with medical conditions, and those under medications should consult their healthcare providers first before going on any detox program.
What to do during the program?
1.    Upon rising, drink lukewarm water with lemon
2.    Drink plenty of water
3.    Drink herbal tea
4.    Avoid stimulants
5.    Eat organic vegetables, herbs, fruits that are low on sugar
Greene Dare drinking tips
1.    When you drink your juice, drink it slowly. Don’t finish everything in one gulp.
2.    Keep your juice at room temperature, if possible, as it makes the nutrients easier to absorb.
3.    Each drink should be consumed approximately 1 or 2 hours apart. The last drink should be taken at least 3 hours before bedtime.
4.    Should you experience hunger pangs, munch on a small snack or fruit. If this is your first time to try fasting, you can eat vegetable salad for lunch or dinner everyday.
How to end the program
The day after the program, eat mainly vegetables (either raw or slightly steamed), fruits or nuts. The portions should be cut into minimal and your intake should not be done abruptly. Follow the diet suggested for prep time --- no sugar, coffee, wheat, dairy, and gluten-rich or processed food.
After 3 days of fasting, you can slowly go back to eating meat, fish, or poultry --- all in moderation. Avoid over-eating.
For more details, please follow @thegreenedare on Instagram or visit You may order via SMS or viber at 0943 443 1658.

Chiqk delivers door to door at a minimal fee (depending on the location). You may also pick up the juices at Rophe’s Chicken, Tionko corner V. Mapa St, Davao City.

(All photos by Mr. Wacky Masbad © 2014)
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1 and A4, Indulge, Edge DavaoVol. 6 Issue no. 206, January 3 to 4, 2013


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