Friday, August 24, 2012


The layout of the party invite. Done by moi. :)
Fresh from her successful Annebisyosa concert, multimedia celebrity Anne Curtis enjoyed a down time with her production team in an exclusive party at Marco Polo Davao.

The bartender from Eagles (bar) showed off his flairtending moves.
My boyfriend broke the ice and summed up his courage to approach Anne for a photo.
The of us just followed his lead.

Dubbed as Club Smith, taken after Anne’s real family name, the party took place in a private function room which was transformed into a pink and black themed dance club. Think opulence, complete with chandeliers, mirror balls, feathers, lounge chairs, an open bar, a buffet spread with canapés and French pastries, plus a signature drink named ANNEBITIOUS. 

Anne with the G-Force. Ritz Charles Beltran (fifth from right) is from Davao. #DavaoPride
Anne signing autographs.
DJ Richie, pumped up the beat with a great lineup of music and mixes which got the G-Force dancing in spontaneously choreographed moves. 

My boyfriend had too many shots with Anne (his no.1 crush). For this last one, he had
to use me as his excuse. "Anne, can we have another picture, this time with my
girlfriend? So she won't get jealous?" LOL! :p
THE Stylist to the Stars, Pam Quinones, with my stylist/photographer-friend Ayie.
Anne gamely poses with her concert producer, Gatchi Gatchalian,
and his daughter, Cacai.

Photo bomb!
Wacky and his crush.

This got my daughter jumping with joy. "Meg, 'Twas was nice meeting you! Please say Hi to your daughter (for) me! Love, Anne."
Photos by Wacky Masbad and Ayie Hernandez.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A2, INdulge section, Edge Davao, Vol5 Issue 124, 24 August 2012.


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