Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Contrary to the perception of Hijos de Dabaw as an exclusive association, the organization has progressed in nature over the years, opening its doors to the new generation of Dabawenyos with much grandiose in the form of an annual ball.

In celebration of its tradition, the Dabawenyos gathered for a night of merry making on the feast day of Davao City’s patron saint, San Pedro. 

he annual Hijos De Dabaw Ball turned up a series of terno-clad belles and suave looking men in barong, who were selected to dance the Rigodon de Honor. 

The rest of the attendees, personalities and individuals from a wide cross section of government, business, media and social circles, also paraded in their cocktail best attire and winning smiles.

I was told that first timers are supposed to come in terno, even if they won't be joining the dance. So, here's what I wore to the event. Thanks to my good friend, Apple Chua.
Brothers Robbie and Carlo Aguilar
Amylou Aarts
Soccorro Medina-Estanislao, the organization’s current president, presented this year’s muse, Angela Soriano Diano, and her escort, Jiolo Velez. 

The event was hosted by Arch. Michael Ebro Dakudao.

This year's muse Angela Soriano Diano, in a creation by Rajo Laurel.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
Pages A2 and A3, INdulge section, Edge Davao newspaper, Vol.5 Issue 97, 18 July 2012.


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