Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Just days after launching her book (Philippine Neo-Ethnic Choreography), Agnes Locsin makes another mark as a choreographer with her recently concluded dance concert entitled “Puno: Ang Pangatlong Galaw.”

 The “Alay sa Puno” series is a dance composition that explores the literal, physical, and symbolical virtues of texture and strength, garnered from the tree trunks that bear the weight of life.  

Her third installment for this series focused on hard and redwood trees such as the Apitong, Yakal, Tugas, Kamagong, Mangkono, Bagtikan, Caimito, Lechiyas and Bayabas trees --- all of which are found mostly in the vanishing forests of the Philippines.  

Typical of an Agnes Locsin choreographed piece, the neo-ethnic style that is widely recognized as, solely, her own, she depicted the multifaceted essence and soul of these trees through bold and intense movements to illustrate their strength amidst the fight from extinction.

Award winning dancers, Gaye Galiluyo and Georgette Sanchez, took center stage and gave life to this visual tribute. 

Their lithe bodies were flexed to strong defensive stances and powerful pelvic contractions, alongside revolutionary and techno-rock rhythms. 

Gaye and Georgette channelled themselves into the different aspects of the tree, in multiple portrayals as seen through chapters Tumbang Troso, Bahay-Bahayan, Nakatagong Lakas, Hubog na Dagta, Ugat na Malawak, Kasariang Nakabalot, Armas na Magiting, Bawal Kang Tumubo, Bunong Braso, and Saan Kita Hahanapin.

Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
Pages 15 and 18, INdulge section, Edge Davao newspaper, Vol.5 Issue 107, 01 Aug 2012


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