Monday, February 6, 2012


Yes, the title is taken after one of the Spice Girls' hit songs. Forgive me for the point of reference. I know not all of you became fans of the female group (who, by the way, are having a reunion concert soon!). Anyway, the song reminds me of my friend Patty, who has always been the baby in the office and the darling of every social crowd in the city. When asked once as to who she liked the most in the famous all girl band, she said, "Baby Spice." True to her nature, Patty was every bit of Emma Spice herself: Pretty and sweet as candy. 

Not so long ago, Patty made her debut in our team during the staff Christmas Party. She danced her left feet, together with the other newbies, to the pop tune of Spice Girl's STOP.  She is not the youngest in our office, but she exudes that air of innocence, even when cornered with green questions. 

A little more than a month ago, the little girl became a bride. Patty and Michael, her boyfriend of 5 years, exchanged I DO's last December 22, in a grand celebration that probably beat every wedding pegged as the best of 2011. There's a bit of bias here, of course, given she's my friend. But I know a lot would agree with me in saying that their wedding was the most awaited one. 

Their relationship is a match made in heaven. Despite the age difference, they have managed to keep the romance alive both as mature adults and, sometimes, playful kids. Both have the happiest smiles whenever they are together. Pat even refers to their relationship as her "happy place." I have never seen them fight nor in a state of lovers' quarrel. I guess they really complement each other well. 


Come 5 weeks after their wedding, Patty finds out she's PREGNANT! As we put it, "The baby is now an expectant mommy."

Our office-baby is soon gonna be toting a baby of her own. This revelation came just in time to welcome the love month. What a perfect gift for the newly pronounced groom! On the same note, Pat has just found the perfect excuse to shop for a whole new wardrobe. 

Congratulations, Patty and Mike! May marriage and parenting bring out the best in both of you. Cheers! 

And that's 8 more months of non-alcoholic drinks for you, Patty. Hehe.  

Here are some other photos taken from their wedding. 
Venue: Sta. Ana Church
Reception: Marco Polo Davao
Wedding Planner: Noel Tanza / Golden Touch

The bride with her family.
Designer Jon Vega of The Limited deserves a thumbs up for his wonderful execution of the design Patty wanted for her wedding gown.

Groomsmen and Bridesmaids.
That's me at Patty's left, wearing a strapless turquoise gown by John Belandres of Atalier 115.

Love the shoes! 

Photogenic flower girl. Smile frozen, all throughout her march, for the cameras to capture.

Goofy moment. Pat's dad tried to take her back as Mike met them at the aisle.

Entourage and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tan

Photos by Eight Espino


At February 7, 2012 at 4:16 AM , Blogger Ria Jose said...

Definitely one of the most awaited weddings in our family as well. And I'm sure that baby will be one well loved baby. :)


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