Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I've been a night owl for the past days watching over my sick daughter. Sleep has become a luxury for this working mom. My body feels like it's glued to the bed every time I get up for another busy day.

In times like this, when you feel worn out, one ad slogan comes to mind.

"Have a break. Have a Kitkat." 

Not that I succumb to promotional plugs... In a wider sense, the message is supported by a fact: Sugar stimulates the mind and gives you a quick energy boost. 

To others, they translate it into simple logic. Like: 
The opposite of STRESSED is DESSERTS.

A dreamy chocolate ice cream sandwich came into mind.

No way. 
 I'm on a diet. I must fight temptations. Pig-out's are only allowed on weekends.

Thirty minutes passed.

Brain squeezed. Tired and sleepy. No sign of locomotion happening. 

My inner self tells me I gotta get some quick remedy to make me last through the day. This calls for desperate measures. 

So, I walked a few paces to the nearest sugar refuge and gave my undivided attention to the following:

Sinful delights that brought heaven back to my spirit. 

Here's my take on the prescription formula STRESSED = DESSERTS:
Tried and tested. Approved with therapeutic claim.

To hell with calories. 

I'm loving every bite of these.


At January 12, 2012 at 10:23 PM , Blogger tatit said...

yummmmmmyyyyyy! san to?

- tatit :)


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