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As a mommy, you adore your girls. You can dress and doll them up, and watch in fascination at the ways they try to mimic a little woman. Dressing up Barbie dolls is nothing compared to styling up your own kid. 

Fashion drew me closer to my daughter. We both love it like most girls do. Tatiana, at age 4, has shown a natural flair for fashion and personal styling. I take pleasure in watching her dress up, express her own individuality, and enjoy each moment of being a little girl.

As a self-proclaimed stage mom, I always made sure she'd look her best. Her birthday parties, for one, are special occasions when I'd go the extra mile and design a dress for her. I'd make a sketch from my own imagination, give it to the tailor, and then, voila! A dress that is one of a kind, made with much love from Mommy dearest.

The dress I designed for her 4th birthday celebration became a hit among our guests.
The last party frock I made for Tatiana was a pink and black ensemble which was inspired by her Parisian theme. Everyone kept telling me how impressed they were with the design, and that gave me the idea of putting up my own clothing line for little girls.I decided to channel my so-called eye and talent for styling into something beneficial, productive, and, hopefully, profit-earning.

So, I got my creative juices working and dug into my think tank. Months passed and finally, I got my light bulb moment.

I envisioned a brand that can bring out the sugary sweet qualities and beauty of every little girl. I began with 10 designs which I originally patterned after impeccably cut fashion details and fabrics I came across with from our recent trip in Manila.

I pegged each dress as a limited edition. I didn’t want to make twins out of every girl in the city. I, myself, like any other woman, dread being in a situation where I'd be caught wearing the same outfit with someone else. So, I decided to keep only a few in stock for each size and design to make sure girls won’t experience with such fashion cloning mayhem. Besides, my clothing line is basically an online specialty store. I’ve just launched the first collection a week ago. I have yet to see how the market responds to this small venture, and if there is a need to add more stock and sizes in the future.

During the production period, 
I made sure every design is unique and shows the sweet innocence of little girls. The style is a cross between young and lady-like. And, as little girls always adore and dream of princesses, I added a special touch to the dresses by sewing in petticoats to give the dresses more volume, similar to those that are worn by princesses.

Soon after I got the clothes from the tailor, I got into my DIY (do it yourself) mode once again and styled Tatiana and her cousin, Julia Angela, for a photo shoot. I went knocking at Leadfoto Studios and got help from photographer-extraordinaire / friend Paul Borromeo. He willingly stood behind the camera as I called out directions to the kids.

Stand in for test shot.
Directing my models.
DIY mode went on with one whole afternoon spent working on Photoshop to edit the snapshots and layout the ad billboards. 

Then came MATH. No pain, no gain. I breathed in courage as I dealt with pricing, making sure my practical-mom-instincts were intact. I know the financial difficulties in raising kids. Being a single mom, I, oftentimes, have to resort to being resourceful when it comes to styling. I want to give parents this option of a budget friendly clothing line. My dresses may look expensive, but they are even cheaper than some of those mass-produced children’s wear sold in some department stores. I have always believed that fashion doesn’t have to be too costly. It all depends on how you carry the dress the comfort it gives you.

I hope my clothes will bring more bonding moments for you and your child. I have great confidence that my brand can give you the same level of contentment, as a parent, as much as I had in creating it. There is so much to be discovered in every child, and I encourage you to make each moment a milestone by allowing them to shin with confidence, love, and optimism. Enjoy your daughter while she’s young. Doll her up, take hundreds of photos, and sneak in a thousand kisses on her cheeks. A stage mom is not exactly a bad mom. It means you only want the best for your kid. And that what we hope to give her, too.

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