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The possibilities are endless for creative-minded people.  Designing and printing invitations are just few of the many profitable ventures glistening in the future of artistically inclined individuals. Some start part-time with less startup costs, while there are those who throw in all their bets and invest in a full-blown business. Many of them can attest that return is beyond what they expected.
“Creativity is actually your biggest investment in this business,” shares Lorelei Joy “Mae” Trinidad. This 35 – year old mother of 2 started offering services for layout and print back in 2011. Her line of products includes not only event stationeries but also 3D invitations. “I don’t call this work because I enjoy what I do. I think that’s what’s critical in this business. The creative process takes too much time, from conceptualization to printing and cutting. You have to love all these ‘dirty work,’ so to speak; otherwise it will just burn you out. Every client requires a new concept, thus the need for new ideas and inspiration.”
“I’m home based, which gives me more time to oversee matters of the house. I get to bring my kids to school and prepare meals for the family. I dedicate the rest of my free time to my craft. This business has given me a sense of fulfillment because I get to be with my family even while I’m at work.”

Mae's venture into the "creative" business began when she realized she has the knack for stylized layered paper cut-outs, such as her daughter’s birthday cards and stationeries. “I was such a fan of prints and paper even when I was young. Motherhood, in a way, rekindled my love for patterns and the art of paper folding. I just never thought it would turn out to be a successful business for me. I guess nothing is really impossible if you set all your energy and passion into something you love.”
“An invitation is like a first glimpse of any type of occasion. Nowadays, there’s such a great demand for artists who can cater to the needs of parents and couples. Having this in mind, I summed up my courage to test the waters and see how my design and printing services would fare. I’ve been lucky ever since. Orders just keep pouring in. Every new project excites me and gives me an opportunity to explore other mediums and techniques.”

Mae’s 3D prints are not your typical stationeries as all the details and cuts are intricate in shape and design.  “Each pack of 30 pieces would take me about a week. I get most of my materials here in Davao but there are also some types of paper which I need to source from other places. My husband plays an integral part in helping acquire materials from abroad and in setting up my craft room.”
On top of invitations and stationeries, Mae also customizes mugs and tumblers, giveaways and favor boxes, PVC nametags and 3D table decorations.

Check out Adorable Invites by KikayMae on Facebook to view more of Mae’s products and sample work. You may also inquire and order through mobile number 09328220507 or email

Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1 ad A4, INdulge, Edge Davao, Vol. 7 Issue no. 238, 4 February 2015.


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