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Motherhood has its way of changing one woman's life altogether.  It opens one's mind to greater possibilities, leading the path to self-discovery. 

In the case of budding entrepreneur Natalie Te Hao, it became a turning point where she decided to take a detour from her career plans and rekindle and realize an old dream.

"I spent a lot of time exploring what I really wanted to do in life. I even went abroad just to study Science and Accounting, and eventually worked in an investment company. Despite the fact that I had all the support I needed from my family, I still felt there was something else I wanted to fulfill. I guess nothing is greater than my first love which is crafting," shares Natalie.

After spending 5 years in Canada, she decided to get married and settle down in Davao. In her humble nest she was able to start life anew and make a family of her own.

With the birth of her daughter, Leuvane Louis or "Leuvy", Natalie realized she wanted to dedicate her time and attention to the baby and all matters in and around her house. Her husband, Sam, is a businessman and she also helps out in their business in any way she could even from home.

"I've always wanted a little girl and I've been granted this wish. I get excited at the thought of dressing up my daughter in tutus I made myself. I went back to making DIY projects, like I was a kid once again, making headbands and clips out of scrap fabric and ribbons. I get giddy and my imagination runs wild whenever I see leather, strips of cloth, lace, buttons, strings, glitters, glue, bold prints and bright colors."
"Knowing how much I love crafting, my husband put up a little nook for me in our bedroom, where I could work on crafts while my daughter's asleep. I would post my little projects on social media to show my friends my latest creation for Leuvy. Little did I know that their own friends and relatives started to take notice of my work. Then I began receiving inquiries and orders for handmade accessories for special occasions and photo shoots."

Baby pictorials are so hot with parents and photographers nowadays and it helped Natalie create a niche market of her own. She got referrals from one parent to another and her accessories began selling like hotcakes. Little Leuvy, as she dubbed her line of handmade creations, grew into a collection of fabric blooms from clips, hair bows and head bands, plus some wedding accessories such as bouquets and boutonni√®res. 

"It was overwhelming at first because I didn't expect that I could make a business out of what I am doing. It all started as a hobby. Now, I find myself basking and sharing in the joy and excitement of other mothers, seeing them dote on their child the same way I do. It's gratifying in the sense that I get to be part of their family memories. This brand is very personal to me because it's inspired by my love for family," beams Natalie.

For orders, send a message to the Little Leuvy account on Facebook and Instagram. You may also contact Natalie at 09235276451.

Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1, INdulge,
Edge Davao, Vol. 7 Issue no. 213, 14 January 2015.


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