Wednesday, October 29, 2014


While a classic little black dress (LBD) is pretty much our usual weapon of choice in any fashion emergency, women have started to embrace style with more hues and curves splashed on fabric. In fact, the latest fashion forecast show a lot of florals, animal prints and geometric shapes in various guises, shades and textures. The advent of new technology such as laser printing has likewise spun new wave of artistic impressions in modern adaptation of classic cuts and forms.

Print and patterns make fashion fun and edgy. However, not every pattern works on every body type. Putting together prints with other clothing elements, more so with other prints, can be very tricky as well. A wise dresser will always tell you to stay true to your body type, to embrace comfort and style any weight you are. Find the pattern that will complement your figure and put emphasis on your assets. 
If you are of a more generous physique, you might want to rethink those billowy tunics and floaty smocks as an oversized garment can make the wearer look oversized in shape, much like a stuffed pillowcase. Large images and polka dots give an illusion of a bigger surface area, thus it's best to keep to smaller prints. Dare to show skin instead of wearing printed long sleeves as these will only add more inches to your width. The goal is to create more shape and definition to you body, not to add volume. Get the slimming factor that comes with wearing diagonal stripes.
Tall, lean ones have it all when it comes to choices in prints. Big and bold patterns in mixed palette of colors make a good ensemble for this lucky brood. 

The "pear" should try to put the focus up on her face by wearing a colorful top. The "pear's" alter ego, those who are full around chest, may opt to keep the wandering eyes or prying onlookers busy with patterns on your trousers or skirt, and maintain a flattering balance with a solid colored top. Remember, print on heavy will only add volume.
Just like florals, houndstooth never goes out of fashion. It is an alternative for those who don't fancy polka dots for their outfit. Aside from it being hip and edgy, it is a universally flattering form that can give you a slimmer (and smarter) look. 
Print on print is quite challenging to pull off. The easy way to do it, without having to look like a walking chaos on the streets, is to find a common shade when matching pieces together. 
Always remember that balance is the key. If done right, prints can level up the style factor of any ensemble. Enjoy the thrill of mixing patterns and colors and make sure your fashion statement complements your best assets.
(photos courtesy of Soul Lifestyle)
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.


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