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Unlike most adults, children actually count the days and nights until their next birthday. When asked, they would usually say their birthday is their second most favorite time of the year, next to Christmas.

Coming up with a successful birthday party entails a lot of preparation and attention to detail. As much as parents would lovingly sacrifice time to look into each detail and make sure everything goes well in their child's event, most couples sustain a two-income household which poses a bit of challenge when it comes to planning the big day. Thus, the high demand for event planners and stylists.


Making a business out of event styling can be a fulfilling and profitable venture for someone who enjoys the social scene, is organized in nature and has a flair for beautifying spaces. It doesn't even require a hefty amount for investment and capital. 


"Creativity, imagination and passion are your best assets in this industry," shares mompreneur Khimberly Ty Cruz, owner and lead stylist of Party Deco. "This kind of profession thrives on impression and reputation. You're only as good as your last work, so you have  to give your best in each project. You are measured according to your portfolio, network and how people recall your work as an artist and service provider."

Khimberly is the newest addition to the growing population of event stylists in Davao City. She points out how the rudiments of her job has turned her into a perfectionist and taught her the value of teamwork and humility.

"This is not something you can do alone. Just like parents who seek our services, we also need helping hands to execute the nitty-gritty details. You see, nothing is left unnoticed by guests. Be it the cake, ceiling work, centerpieces, giveaways, wall accents, lighting design, chairs or balloons, each of these makes a lasting impression that can either make or break your career. The main task of an event stylist is to put together all these elements and create a memorable experience through visuals, texture and colors."

Dream job

"I've always had that knack in putting together decorations special occasions," Khimberly gushes. "It was a hobby that simply grew in me, something I enjoyed doing but never really gave much thought in terms of career possibilities. It turned out, what I needed was a little push and encouragement from family and friends. I finally saw the business potential in this when I was organizing my child's 1st birthday party. The positive feedback from guests helped boost my confidence and courage to finally establish myself as a professional events stylist."

To this 32-year old working mom, opening her own production outfit called Party Deco is not only an investment for the future but also in personal development.

"Learning is a life-long process and I never stop researching on how I can improve my style. My think tank is practically like mood board that continues to expand with fresh ideas from online and printed resources. Each event is different and every client would want something original even if the theme is nothing new." 

While living a life in parties can be crucial and taxing at times, Khimberly is not complaining. She happily juggles work with mommy duties, making sure that she keeps the latter sacred and non-negotiable. "Time for the family is important. That's mainly the reason why I chose to put up a business that is close to  my heart. Work for me comes relatively light and breezy, which gives me more time to share with my husband and child."

Getting the party started

"I encourage clients to speak their mind even during the first meeting," explains Khimberly. "There's never a dull moment in brainstorming sessions. The event actually starts to take shape at that moment when you sit down with clients and sum up all their points and suggestions." 

"Making decisions is easier if you have a well thought out theme, as this instantly sets the tone for your party. A big chunk of my time is spent on design and production. If needed, I source out materials and decors abroad. Most of the time, everything is customized and produced locally. Clients love personalized printables from name tags, water bottles, popcorn boxes, etc. They want the party to look fun but not too overwhelming."

Khimberly humbly gives credit to her own roster of talents. "I have a fantastic team of dedicated production assistants and artists. I personally attend to each project and look into every detail. To keep the quality of work at its best, I try not to accept bookings for events happening on the same day. From planning, researching, conceptualization to execution, depending on the extent of work, I can work around with lead times from as short as 2 weeks to a month or more."

When asked about her plans for the future, Khimberly prefers to keep her feet on the ground and focus on training and development. "I am still relatively new in this industry. I have a lot more to prove and improve on. For now, I just want to live in the moment and enjoy each step of my journey."

For more details and inquiries about Party Deco, please log on to or call 0917-725-6076.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1, Indulge, Edge Davao, Vol. 7 Issue no. 137, 24 September 2014.



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