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“I like my money right where I see it… hanging in my closet.” That’s the Carrie Bradshaw in most modern day women, talking. Women nowadays are fast becoming a strong force in the corporate scene, holding high positions which used to be associated to men. Women comprise more than 50% of the labor force, which goes to show that we are competent enough to look after our own needs. Having that stable income gives us the independence and purchasing power to invest in material things and enjoy a bit luxury. With all this economic power, however, comes greater responsibility, for your finances, and for the next generation.
Easy comes, easy goes. Money is just as easily expended as food. Same goes with our job: Nothing is permanent. We need to invest our money wisely and manage our priorities in life. While there is nothing immoral in indulging ourselves with branded clothing, shoes, or bags, we should also try and save something for our future.
Yes, ladies. Regardless of your age, financial or domestic status, life insurance is usually necessary. Whether you’re married or single, divorced or widowed - starting your career or approaching retirement — the time to get more involved in your investments is now. More often than not, men and women have a difficult time confronting their own mortality. The fact of the matter is each one of us is going to die. Avoiding this fact doesn't change the inevitable. Aside from equitable inheritance for your heirs or children, life insurance can also provide you money to help pay expenses and generate more income. It can even give you benefits which you can enjoy during your lifetime.
As a single mom, I have become more conscious of how much I spend on myself in order to set aside a enough for my daughter’s future. I certainly do not want to leave our future to chance.
A woman of the future
Most women have this natural gift to meet and adapt to the changing needs of society who want relational and holistic solutions, and this paved the way for women to find their calling in the insurance industry.
Kristin Veronica “Nina” Laurel Borromeo is one of them. As Area Manager for Pru Life U.K. and Managing Director of Borromeo Insurance Agency, her work encompasses representing recruitment, training, administration, management, and representation of the team in the Pru Life U.K. She is also a wife and mother of 2.
All in entrepreneurial spirit
“Before the year 2000, my husband and I were at a crossroads.  We had wanted to be able to achieve a few goals of having our own corporate office, a long-term enterprise which helps people and provide recognition for achievements and offers the option to travel both locally and abroad. We wanted a business we can hopefully turn over to our children.”
“My husband, Paul, received an invitation to listen to a business opportunity hosted by Allstate Life Insurance. He came home and we stayed up until 3 am talking about the possibilities. We did our due diligence and after two weeks decided to create our business.  We did not have the capital to put up the business right away and at that time, all we had was our home.  We decided to take a calculated risk, dive in with both feet, mortgaged our home for 1/4 of its value and created our organization with an initial manpower of 4 associates.”

“Our first office was a 100 square meter office space at the Josefina Building and after 5 years our office space grew to 235 square meters. As we could see that we were still in the process of expanding, we decided to construct our own office building at 11 Juna Avenue, to suit our needs and declare to our clients that we intend to stay for the long term. From a start-up group of 4 people, we are now more than 200 strong with 3 distinct groups operating in Metro Manila and Davao.”
“We set off on this vocation to help other people achieve the best. Seeing improvements in the lives of our colleagues alone is a great reward. A small smile and whisper that I have been instrumental as a source of inspiration is what drives me forward. To see my children aspire to be where we are at in the future, encapsulates why we do our mission whole heartedly; to be able to work with my husband, hand in hand, day in and out in an industry that rewards us handsomely by doing what is inherently good and create memories along the way, is living a dream.”
“My career path has long since revolved and evolved around education, whether it be through a human resources department, the academe or in our small businesses. Thus my direction has not changed at all, just the vehicle in which I use to educate our friends and colleagues.”
“Looking at my career, I will not be able to save the world by myself. I wish for people to give an opportunity an ear. What the worst that can happen?”
On life insurance
“Investment is a practice of trust and patience.  Once it is done with an educated decision, and done in the longer term, I believe it will always be for the better.”
“Our services offer clients the alternative to maximize their productivity and health now, by providing financial protection for themselves and their loved ones. I have realized that there are only two things that can happen to us in this world; either we leave too soon or live too long.  In both of these cases, we provide a back-up plan for disability, illness, accident, investments and of course life.”
“At this day and age, women and mothers need to think of the future. Independence does have a cost. As we become more and more productive, we maximize our abilities by investing for the long term to augment our retirement and our whims at a cost comfortable today. As the state of health changes due to the change in the environment, we protect our families from financial distress by investing in a program that provides for the cost of illness should it strike.  As our children's future relies on our own hands, I encourage women to provide for life protection so our dreams will live on even if we are no longer around.”

“With my exposure in Pru Life U.K. and the insurance industry, I have become more discerning on wants and needs, quality of service and long term use and potential.  These are parallel to what it is that we try to relay to our clients and colleagues.  As an example, I would prefer to purchase a sensible pair of good quality, but not necessarily name branded pumps, because it will serve the same purpose. Women should invest in knowing the alternatives and looking forward to a future of less worry. Less worry, less wrinkles.”
“We should not hesitate in investing. Strip down all the technicalities of life insurance and what it all boils down to is a concrete expression of Love.  To see dreams to fruition, to not leave the futures of children to chance, to provide for an illness fund and a dignified retirement, I believe is the work of love."
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.


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