Tuesday, November 19, 2013


(Story and photos by Meg Sta.Ines)
When it comes to sizing up houses, one thing that makes a big difference is how you utilize available space to your own convenience and comfort.

Take for example the humble abode of Florence Ferraris-Alejandre, a professional events planner and wife to Councilor (and former TV personality) Al Ryan Alejandre. Her impeccable taste is honed through years of research and fascination over styling up any spot or setting, whether for special events or personal living spaces. 
“I wanted to take up interior design when I was in college. At that time, my parents tried to guide me through career options after college, so they encouraged me to take up Marketing instead. Through those years in the university, I got exposed to various events wherein Al and I would volunteer as committee members. From there, we saw the opportunity of making a business out of our experience as event planners and stylists. Straight out of college, we started offering our services for all kinds of affairs, aptly naming the outfit as Occasions. Business went from small to big soon after that.” 
Obviously, the flair in beautifying spaces comes naturally for Florence. It is very evident in her house, which she describes as “small but photogenic.”

“This entire house used to be 2 bungalows which we just connected together.  We didn’t want to invest so much in renovating the area, the most that we spent on was in painting all the walls white and replacing some of the original fixtures. The white walls made it easier for me to put together a design plan for the furniture I wanted to bring in. My husband has trusted my taste and gave me the freedom to decorate the space.” 
“I wanted to make use of every corner and gave it a facelift with some primary pieces that exude a modern and romantic feel. To break the mood, I also spruce up my interiors by infusing some prints or citrus colors to the space. The flowers and greenery also give a stark contrast to the black elements.”
“My style is basically a cross in between Modern Romantic and Rustic French. As you can see, there are pieces here that look old and vintage, and I like it that way. These treasured pieces are hand me down’s from my mother-in-law and some came from my own family and friends. Majority of my chairs may look expensive, but they’re all re-upholstered pieces. The others were ordered from a furniture maker in Boulevard called Akiatan. The workers there know how I love intricate patterns and details. I commend them for their exceptional craftsmanship.”

“As a mother, it is not important for me to have a big house. The house we have now is just right for our family. I am more focused in getting my husband and kids with me in a common area. It is important that my husband and I have a good relationship with the kids. We also try to get them involved in planning our lunch and dinner menu and setup, specially when we have guests with us." 
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1, INdulge, Edge Davao, Vol. 6 Issue 178, 20 November 2013



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