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Photo by Paul Borromeo
Ladies, it’s time to trim the fat and give your confidence a boost. But before you consider surgical or laser procedures, I suggest you try out Trimlab.

Photo by Paul Borromeo

Trimlab is not a place where the “magic” happens. It is, rather, a new fitness studio which offers pole dancing lessons. The “doctors” you see there are not in typical white lab gowns. You see them in comfortable fitness attire, hanging on to poles and defying gravity.

Photo by Paul Borromeo
Beauty maven Mae Ann Cortez shares this new business venture with her friend, Clarabelle Luz Roque. Both are excited to introduce Pole Dance Classes to interested individuals of all ages and sizes. “Pole dancing classes gives women the opportunity to let loose and have fun while toning their bodies and increasing their core strength,” explains Mae. “Swinging your entire body around a pole can actually give you a pretty lean waistline. Pole dancing is fast becoming the new and fun fitness trend for women in Manila. The fitness program can measurably help you strip away the pounds, and improve your physical and mental health with regularity. In a single 30-minute class, you can burn as much as 250 calories.”

Photo by Paul Borromeo
“There are many good reasons why women should try and get on the pole,” she quips. “This type of exercise can help avoid the dreaded athlete’s plateau. It will shape your legs, tone your stomach, and will work out all those flabby areas that are hard to target at the gym. There are people who do it because they want to feel sexy again, find their inner goddess, or build their self-esteem.”

Photo by Paul Borromeo
“Pole exercises definitely beat boredom. You’re not limited to just one, two, or three routines. You’re constantly pushed out of your comfort zone. This type of exercise requires physical strength and cardiovascular endurance. The moves are challenging because you have a triad of goals you’re trying to accomplish: getting your body to cooperate to do the trick, not falling, and looking sexy at the same time. There even are those who are driven to perform acrobatic tricks.”

Photo by Paul Borromeo
Pole exercises combine weight training for building muscles and toning them. The program is a combination of strength training, endurance, and flexibility. Students will learn to support their entire body weight with one arm as they build upper body strengthen while using their stomach muscles. The quadriceps are used to grip the pole and the triceps are used to support you when hanging in midair on the pole.

Photo by Paul Borromeo
Moves like splits and backbends are incorporated into some pole moves. This significantly improves the body's flexibility and work out your range of motion, balance and coordination. 
Mae Ann Cortez
Mae adds, “Pole dancing is so fun and I suggest you learn it together with your friends. The whole studio has a good set of poles to accommodate a small group.

This fitness program is open to women and men, regardless of shape, size, background, or age.”

Trimlab is located at 2nd floor, Cortez Building (in between Aeon Towers showroom and Shell Station), J.P. Laurel Ave., Davao City.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1, Indulge, Edge Davao, Vol. 6 Issue 148, 9 October 2013.


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