Wednesday, July 3, 2013


It’s amazing how kids get even more creative and imaginative nowadays. Even at a very early age, they are capable of visualizing scenes, putting together ideas and turning them into one big event. Take 4 years old Adriana “Yana” Recto, for example.
“She conceptualized her own birthday party. She was the driving force behind all the planning and preparation. She chose the color, theme, cake, and even the design of her dress. She had all these ideas of what she wanted to see and share with her friends,” explained mommy Chiqui.
Every little girl deserves a great party, and every able and loving parent will do everything to make it memorable and special.
Yana’s 4th birthday party 2 weeks ago was a hit among little girls and mommies. The Hello Kitty theme brought back memories of childhood, even to me (who was one of the many moms playing a supporting role during the party games). Hello Kitty is one of the most relatable characters among women of various ages. Imagine the excitement inside the room when Hello Kitty was called in by the host. Cameras started clicking from all directions as little girls ran to welcome the mascot.

The entire ballroom was frosted with pink, just as Yana wanted. Even the party guests wore pink. Yana was wearing a full princess gown made by John Belandres of Atelier 115. “Surprisingly, she’s not wearing her tiara today. To think, we usually see her walking around the house wearing something sparkly on her head,” quipped the doting mom.

“Yana was so anxious about the party and I had difficulty putting her to sleep the night before. Let’s just say it was sugar rush that kept her wide awake. Not that she needed to get a small taste of her Hello Kitty cupcakes to fire up her energy. The mere sight of the cute Hello Kitty cupcakes made by Joel Rodriguez of Osvaldo’s got her all hyper and ecstatic.”

Motherhood can be sweet, challenging, beautiful, frightening, overwhelming but fulfilling. I really try and give my best when it comes to my kids.  Yana deserves this little funfair because she is such a good daughter and sister to her little brother. She has such a strong character and well-rounded personality. She's talented, bubbly, assertive, and reasons out to get her ideas heard. My husband and I are blessed to have such wonderful kids. I want our friends and family to take part in this joy and celebration life.”

“To my dear Yana, I wish you all the best in life. I hope and pray that you will grow up to be the kind of person God wants you to be and that all your dreams will come true."

Story and photos published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1, INdulge section, Edge Davao, Vol. 6 Issue 78, 03 July 2013.


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