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Speed is the new black. Well, this goes mostly for the mothers of today who juggle time between parenting and career. Fashion is a living art for women and our wardrobe choices enable us to channel our individuality and style. Regardless of our style inspiration and intuitions, the world is our runway.

Keeping up with round the clock mommy duties and the countless of tasks we do in the office, moms try to minimize the time spent in scanning the closet after every waking moment. Despite the penchant for the slimming benefits of little black dresses, I, for one, also try on different colors so as not to be branded as an everyday widow. As much as I want to dare myself to wear loud colors or to try on layers of accessories over layers of cloth, I don’t have the liberty to try on many outfits before I head out of the house to face the demands of the day.

This dilemma is something I know moms can relate to. There are a few who would use it as an excuse to stick to their monotonous wardrobe choices. However, I’d like to think that there are also ways to changing one’s look without having to put on extra effort, money, and time. A watch or bag alone can give an instant face lift to your outfit.

The quick-fix guide to dressing smart is primarily what was asked of me during the Mother’s Day high tea fashion show at SM Lanang Premier. I was invited to speak and to style their segment on fashion. I was hesitant at first since I was unsure of how other women would appreciate my sense of style. I mentioned to them that I am no professional stylist, and all I can share is basically what I think would look presentable on women.

The idea of being on stage ignited my daughter’s enthusiasm. She insisted that I accept the invitation, and argued that we rarely get to do something like this every year. After much consideration and series of guilt-tripping from my daughter, I finally said yes.

I was asked to pick out accessories and clothes from Mags Boutique, one of the event sponsors, and dress up the mommies they invited to model for the show. I usually consider location, occasion, and function as few of my deciding factors whenever I pull out items from the closet. For this task, I picked out items which would complement the look and figure of mommies Rhea, Queen, and Marie.

The setup of our segment was inspired by the Rachel Ray show, wherein guest stylists are asked to describe the outfit worn by each model. I was a nervous wreck that afternoon, praying nonstop that everything will run smoothly. After all, it was my first time to work on such project, and I considered myself more of a shopaholic than a true-blue stylist. The libretto “sinetch itey” kept playing in my head, and I feared seeing raised eye brows, questioning my selections for the models. I have to thank the host, Joey Sy-Domingo, for calming my nerves early on, and she managed to remember my request to go easy on the questions.

To sum up the event, here are photos of the pieces I put together for the models. As I mentioned to Joey during the show, my choices do not necessarily dictate trends and formula women should strictly follow. I strongly believe that style is very personal and I have the highest respect for each one’s preferences in fashion. Women are naturally born with a gifted state of mind which enables us to dissect the formula to looking good in our own personal best.

For Rhea, I opted to go for a hip and modern version of the city girl look, so I put together this yellow blazer with a sleeveless khaki blouse, floral printed pants, and a couple of turquoise accessories. The tone is very sunny, youthful, and happy, and I think the color yellow fosters good vibes for both the wearer and onlooker.

Queen’s mod look is partly inspired by Aurdrey Hepburn’s look in the movie Funny Face. I consider black leggings / jeggings as a wardrobe staple in this modern time. Not only do they add a touch of elegance to any top or blouse, they are also very easy and comfortable to wear. I paired Queen’s jeggings with a houndstooth-printed top for that classy yet edgy look. I also added a pop of color with the orange-black handbag, just to break the black and white motif. I imagine this ensemble would look even more elegant if worn with a pair of oversized black sunnies.

I find the nautical blue and white perfect for summer. Instead of infusing something red, I added a touch of khaki, brown, and mustard to Marie’s sleeveless chiffon jumpsuit. The material is light and breezy, and the mix of blue and khaki resonate well with our sunny scenery.

The second set of clothes was basically what women can wear from afternoon ‘til evening.

Rhea’s strapless chiffon jumpsuit with floral prints is perfect for any garden or cocktail event. The chiffon material is light and breathable, and the strapless top adds a sexy appeal to the outfit. I accessorized the look with pieces in shades of green and khaki as these mesh well with the color scheme of the jumpsuit.

The pink dress worn by Queen was actually pulled out from my own closet. I bought it at Mags Boutique last year, and it’s still one of my favorite pieces. I call it the “scarf dress” as the print is similar to that of an Hermes scarf. The cut is simple, but the fabric and print give the dress an air of affluence and elegance. I usually wear this dress with a long neckpiece plus bangles in pink, beige, and gold, all of which I also lent to Queen during the show.


The finale dress worn by Marie is perfect for her oriental beauty. At first glance, you’d think it’s a modern take of the long cheongsam dress. The large blue and red floral prints make a good contrast against the stark white base. The getup would have looked more sophisticated if she had her hair up, either in a bun or a French twist.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A1, INdulge! section, Edge Davao, Vol. 6 Issue 48, 22 May 2013.



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