Wednesday, May 8, 2013


School holidays give our kids the much needed rest from a full 10 month-period of academic learning.  I usually allow my kid to enjoy idle time at home and outside to enjoy the beauty and joy of summer with cousins and playmates. While “idle” is synonymous to “sluggish,” I don’t leave my child to wander around for 2 months without exploring her creative and artistic side. I want her to remember every summer as fruitful and happy, never boring nor dull.

In an effort to spark up my kid’s creative mind, I usually enroll her for short courses where she can meet new friends and try on a different craft. Aside from the usual options such as dance classes and sports clinic, there are also art workshops which kids can enjoy even for just a couple of days in a week.
“Summer is the time when kids are buzzed with excitement and creativity,” explains April San Pedro, owner and graphic designer of Artisan Design Studio.
Prominently known for her paperie and customized paper goods, April always had that passion in creating little wonders from paper and crayons even when she was little. “This is something I want to share with kids this summer. Arts and craft not only inspire children to think creatively, they also help instill discipline and patience in kids. This will help them discover their own style and establish a sense of originality.”
“Some art workshops focus on making masterpieces such as stunning mosaics and canvas collages. The program I offer is just limited to 2 hours per day and most of what we do within that period involve motor skills and creative thinking. I pre-select groovy craft ideas which would be easy for little kids to grasp and follow. I also don’t accept more than 5 students per session to make sure that I get to assist each kid during the course of my presentation.”

“Parents need not worry because I know what’s appropriate to teach to toddlers as I am, proudly, a former pre-school teacher myself. I always put myself in the shoes of my students and talk to them like I’m just their playmate.”
“The past 2 session I’ve had were a huge success. Kids were so pleased with their own creations and were all too excited to show them off to their parents. This is such a gratifying experience for me as well, as this reminds me so much of my childhood and how this craft shaped me into the person I am today.”

The schedule of April’s one-day craft workshops is posted on her blog at Registration fee is at P350.00 net per student, inclusive of snacks and materials. For further inquiries, please call visit Coffee at the Yellow Hauz or call 0922 858 5554.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.
A4, INdulge section. Edge Davao, Vol. 6 Issue 38, 8 May 2013.



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