Wednesday, July 24, 2013


On the day I hit 30, I started my morning feeling a bit edgy while doing my makeup in the cab. For some reason, the colors of my eye shadow didn’t seem to blend right like they used to and the eye liner was a wee bit out of line. I felt so unsatisfied with my look, thinking that I have to change color palettes to retain a younger appearance. I guess vanity catches up with age… For me, at least.
After a few bumpy kilometres along the way, I felt so exasperated and decided to redo my makeup all over again. On top of that, I was running late for work. I was lucky I had a pile of work waiting in the office. It kept me from becoming more irritable, emotional, and dramatic --- which sometimes happen when I turn a year older. Hormones, you know. Fortunately, I managed to survive work without falling into the I’m-turning-30 depression.

Little did I know that I was going to end my day with another makeup encounter…  This time around, it was for something beautiful and exciting. And it was worth moving my birthday dinner to an hour later.


My friend’s sister called and invited me to the exclusive preview of Avon’s new makeup line.  An hour with beauty essentials wouldn’t hurt, I thought. This could, somehow, answer my need for change and makeover. So, off I went and sat down with the Avon PR team.


The collection presented to us is actually scheduled to be launched officially in August. Featuring innovative new True Color technology, Avon’s latest line boasts of more vibrant, ultra-wearable and high-impact colors that stay true to the shade you see on the package—what you see is what you get.


The True Color Eyeshadow Quad is Avon’s most coveted eyeshadow product to date. Available in six intense and luxurious eye-popping palettes, it lights up your peepers in one-sweep applications, creating effortlessly stunning eyes that last the day without fading or creasing. And with numbered shades to guide you, the True Color Eyeshadow Quad guarantees quick expert eye looks that ensure that all other eyes are on you.

Meanwhile, your lip color can simply say it all with the Ultra Color Lipstick and Ultra Glazewear Lipgloss. The Ultra Color Lipstick collection features long-lasting lip power, with self-renewing pigments to retain the same rich and vivid color from the tube and straight to your puckers. Find the perfect lip-luscious look for you with 13 vivid shades to choose from, and let your lips love the extra pampering, with Shea butter, omega oil, arctic berry, and vitamin E that hydrate and keep them feeling smooth and supple.


Available in 5 luminous shades designed to fit different skin tones, the new Ultra Glazewear Lipgloss packs in the same moisturizing ingredients and adds a visible burst of brilliant shine and color to your lips.

Avon’s PR team also shared with us the concept behind their beauty campaign. “Your true colors make you amazing, and it’s time to let them show with Avon’s new make-up collection. And while each stroke or sweep is designed to bring out what’s naturally fabulous, it’s your uniqueness that creates the impact that can’t be forgotten. In short, You—yes, you—Make It Beautiful.”
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.


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