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Makeup artist / mother Melody Ross Tinoy-McMahon 
The heat is on and summer seems to get hotter by the day. While the beach lures us to its fresh air and cool water, extended sun exposure can dehydrate our skin and advance aging. Most women stick by the rule of 8’s (by this we mean 8 glasses of water and 8 hours of sleep per day) to keep skin young looking and well-moisturized. However, in this time and heat, and as your age exceeds the days in one calendar month, some would probably need extra help in caring for their skin. Of course there doctors and clinics who offer miracle science in different forms --- from scrubs, exfoliation, to collagen treatments --- but these might a bit too costly for some with limited budget.
"Keep it real." - Melody Ross Tinoy-McMahon
Makeup can be a momentary solution to hide unavoidable signs of hormonal imbalance and stress, but it also blocks pores and is quite heavy on the face. As much as possible, women prefer to keep it au naturel. A busy working mom asks, How else can we keep our face glowing and flawless all day without applying on layers of concealer or foundation?

Meloy at work
With this question in mind, I turned to makeup artist Melody Ross Tinoy-Mcmahon (or Meloy for short). While people in her profession can paint magic on faces with their magic wand of a brush, but they are also one of the best people who can give pointers on skin care. Meloy, mother of 10-month old cutie patootie Elyse, is like any busy working mom with irregular and extended hours on the job, countless of chores to do, and a baby to care for and play with. This makeup maven is one of the most “in demand” today for events, fashion shoots, and beauty and photography workshops.
Meloy and her daughter, Elyse Vivienne.
To sum up a day in the life of Meloy, she explains, “On top of what I do at work, my hands are also kept full with raising my future beauty queen of a baby, enjoying romance with my husband from continents away, writing articles for a European company, and day dreaming about Johnny Depp.”
Makeup by Meloy
Photo by Paul Borromeo
“I’m a makeup artist but I’m not a makeup addict. I don’t haul makeup products that neither I nor my clients can use. So before I purchase any item, I do research to make sure the money’s worth it.”
She brushes on skin talk from the point of view of a makeup artist.
“Skin prep is as equally important as the make-up itself. So normally, on a job, I ask my clients to bring their favorite moisturizer, eye cream, serum, etc. You get the drift. Imagine my surprise when a hefty 50-60% of my clients tell me they don’t apply moisturizers at all. Let me emphasize that when we say skin prep, this isn’t just the preparation we do before we apply makeup. It’s all about your regular beauty regimen. The condition of your skin speaks of how devoted you are in caring for it.”

Makeup by Meloy
Photo by Ayie Hernandez
“It is frustrating as an artist to find some women neglecting their skin only to rely heavily on makeup. The purpose of makeup is to enhance your features. When I do makeup, I make it to a point to keep the skin looking real and natural even under the foundation. I avoid putting on layers of foundation because the heat in this country will just melt your face away with that much paint on.”

“Let your skin breathe, and let it get the treatment it deserves. Pampering your skin does not automatically spell you are vain or narcissistic. I have made up plenty of faces and I’d say that the all makeup products, regardless of brand and price, will work best on a healthy skin.”
Makeup by Meloy
Photo by Paul Borromeo
“I started the cleanse-tone-moisturize ritual when I was 13, and this helped maintain my complexion to this day. Over the years, my beauty essentials have changed to suit my needs. I keep my skin protected with a SPF15 moisturizer, and I apply an eye cream day, night, and sometimes in between. I maybe a makeup artist by profession, but you rarely see me wearing full coverage foundation, and it’s not because I don’t need it. Heavy foundation feels like wearing a mask all day.”
Makeup by Meloy
Photo by Paul Borromeo
“I really encourage women to prioritize skin essentials instead of just your make up bag. Start your day and end it with a clean, moisturized and properly protected skin. It makes a huge difference when you call for our services, and when you remove the makeup afterwards. Makeup can hide damaged skin in photos, but not in real life. Love your skin and it will love you back.”


For makeup services or inquiries on beauty and skin care products, please email Meloy at You may also reach her through mobile number 0933-272 6835.
Story published on my newspaper column, Metro Mom.



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