Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Photo by Marlon Advincula
This is a scene taken at the playground of my photographer-friend, Paul Borromeo. His playground otherwise known as LeadFoto Studios.

Chat gets prettified by Tiny.
It was my first time to style our chinita model, Chat Elizagaque. Makeup artist-friend, Tiny Pinili, worked up her magic wand of a brush to prettify Chat. Joining Paul behind the lens were Marlon Advincula, who’s one of the mainstays of LeadFoto, and Raul Tolentino (aka Doc Jun).

Photo by Paul Borromeo
Yes, I love playing stylist and collaborating with the great shutterbugs and talents in town. It is a creative outlet I love visiting every so often, just to let loose all those worry lines from the office. I was on holiday, anyway. What better way to unwind than to touch base with my fashion inflicted soul?

Photo by Paul Borromeo
I was more than happy to pick out the wardrobe for this shoot, and so I let out my SOS alarm and called Mimi Tupas, the beauty and brains behind Davao’s homegrown clothing brand, SOUL Lifestyle.

Photo by Marlon Advincula
Photo by Raul Tolentino, Jr.
I was imagining air-blown skirts and long and sheer dresses as I scanned through the racks of SOUL. I must say, Mimi’s sales reps were so sweet as to soothe my ego by saying that they thought I was my little 5 year old daughter’s older sister. Awww…. I’d give them ‘10’ on their customer service rating.

Photo by Paul Borromeo
Photo by Marlon Advincula
The studio had just been re-painted and we were excited to break in the freshness of our white walls. Gone were the footprints and the holes punched in by the models’ high heels from countless photo shoots past.

Photo Paul Borromeo
Adding to the brightness was Doc Jun’s beauty dish, which became very useful in adding drama to Chat’s photos. Each photographer had their own turn in shooting Chat, while I played “electric fan girl,” propping around the small fan we used to achieve the blow-me-away peg.

Photo by Paul Borromeo
Aside from the wardrobe, I also brought one bag full of my accessories which we could mix and match with the different sets of clothing I pulled out from SOUL. Tatiana played little assistant to her stylist-mommy, and everyone in the studio welcomed her playfulness and whimsical narrations of our daily life as frenemies.

Photo by Raul Tolentino, Jr.
Chat is a natural. Her beauty stood out in every shot, whether in emanating her goofy character or when she needs to look serious and seductive. And she has the most graceful and flawless fingers! Tiny and I were eyeing them with much envy, and the longing for Chat’s perfection went up another notch when her boyfriend popped in the studio. After one look at the tall basketball varsity player, Tiny and I had only this to say: “Promising!”

I hope you’ll like the photos and the looks I did for this set.

Enjoying our playtime at the playground. Getting goofy and wacky at post-production time.
Photos by Paul Borromeo, Marlon Advincula, and Raul Tolentino
Model: Chat Elizagaque
Hair and Makeup Artist: Tiny Pinili of Luxelab Makeup Artistry
Stylist: Meg Sta. Ines
Clothes by SOUL Lifestyle
Story published on my newspaper column, METRO MOM
A1 and A4, INdulge section, Edge Davao, Vol 5 Issue 127, 29 August 2012


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